How do you Remove Cheap Adsense Ads

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What is the best way to ensure higher revenue producing ads on your content site.

Or should I forget about Adsense all together?

Thanks for your help.
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    Hi eslorence,

    Some people might recommend that you put more ads on our site or to position your ad units so that people confuse them for navigational links. While those tactics might yield higher CTRs they tend to lower your earnings on a long term basis.

    It's best to think about AdSense as a joint venture between you and your advertisers. Your main goal should be to help your advertisers make sales.

    If you write content that attracts lots of folks that are in the market to purchase something today, your site will be a gold mine for your advertisers. Advertisers will line up and compete to get ad placements on your site. Your earnings will soar.

    Conversely, if your site's visitors click ads but rarely buy anything, the best advertisers will make great effort to avoid having their ads display on your site. You may be Smart Priced or even dropped from the AdSense program all together.

    Put yourself in the mindset of someone looking to make a purchase today. Ask yourself "what will I want to know before making a purchase"? Or, "what concerns do I have that need reassurance before I make a purchase"? Then write content that answers those type of questions.

    Once you have some great content on your site, you need targeted traffic. Go out and promote your website with every resource you have at your disposal. Focus on people who are looking to make a purchase today. Great content plus targeted traffic equals sales for your advertisers. Happy advertisers means higher bids for your ad space.
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      That is great advice, thanks for the reply!

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        1) find higher paying ads and create articles around that.
        2) use tracking software and monitor which site's url is paying less and add it to your adsense filter of sites you don't want to show up, down side is, you're limited to 200 urls
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          This is what I'll do:-

          1. Do a random check on the adsense ads in my sites against one on - An initiative by Vision i.T Services and use Adsense option to block those sites.

          2. Use less ads on a single page (with the most paying ad format -like 336x280 as the first featured in the page)

          3. Do a weekly check the ads that appear on my page. If the ad goes to another page full of ads/search engine I'll block them too.

          Unfortunately, the war against MFA sites is not an easy one. With only 200 sites that can be blocked, that's all we can do from our side.

          Good luck!
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            always select keywords you are usng that match the content of your site so this in turn yields better CTR & then advertisers will look at this & would certainly want their ads displayed on a good site that gives them results too.
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              You may also filter those sites that gives you low CPC... Good content with targeted keywords always results higher CPC..
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