Google Page Rank Got updated on 8th Nov 2012

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Google started pushing out newPageRank data to the Google Toolbar users .
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    yea i got PR 2
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      I got PR 2 from 3. Any reason? Tell me that after how much time google takes to update PR of site?
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        Originally Posted by vk00241 View Post

        I got PR 2 from 3. Any reason? Tell me that after how much time google takes to update PR of site?
        same thing happened with my site. Before update Page Rank was 2 and after update it is 1 now.
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    I got PR 2 for my gaming website about Mario games, but the website also got affected by the 5th november Google's Panda update and did loose some SEPR positions, but I'm strugling to bring it to it's place by regular updates and quality content.
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    I can see some changes in Ranking (Positive and Negative). Not in Page rank so far.
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    Most of website couldn't get page rank and several have lost their page rank after the google page rank update on 8th November 2012.
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    But i could not find any changes in my page rank.
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    yes 2 of my site affected for google new pagerank update. One of mysite down pr 1 from pr 2 and another one improve from pr 0 to pr 3.

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    I got PR 01/10 in just 27 days :0
    But my domain age was not more than 27 days that time.
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    can somone explain too me what is Rank_1:1:0....two days ago it was PR? in the Firefox SeoQuake Plugin, today it is site is only about 3 months old , and just started working on it for about 5 weeks now..let me know..thanks!
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    Thanks, I haven't yet check the rest of my sites, but one of them started this year is PR1. I am not really working on building links for it. They comes naturally
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    I lost my page rank last time my page rank was 2 and now its 1
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    Almost all my sites decreased the PR with 1 ...From PR3 to PR2,PR2 to PR1 and others with PR1 now are PR0...according with Chrome PageRank plugin.
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    Wake me up when my site is PR10, until then I don't care :-)
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    It seems this is part of a bigger update - has anyone else noticed that?

    My rankings have changed (down) in last few days and my normal searches as a regular user are bringing different results.

    For example, at least there aren't results from 100+ amazon or other authority pages dominating the results, but now I've seen pages and pages of Facebook in the results for searches that one wouldn't expect to get info from Facebook on (corporate-related questions).

    Anyway, has anyone else seen ranking changes too? Has there been a yet another algo update?

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    Yeah its true...........
    My friend's site's PR increased to 3/10 but one thing surprised me that he has only links from Facebook, twitter and Craigslist. I don't believe that only links from those 3 sites can make PR3.

    Can you guys guess what is the fact behind the PR update?
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      My clients site was launched in July, domain less than a year old. I started the SEO in September, all white hat, directory listings, press releases, blog commenting, forum posts etc.....and I went from PR0 to PR6 with this update. I am of course delighted but to be honest I'm a bit shocked aswell, was expecting maybe a PR3 at most. What exactly changed with Google that would move the site 6 points up in PR?

      That said.....Happy Days
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      • Profile picture of the author Joe Light
        I had a 1 page site go from No PR to PR 5.

        Go figure? at the same time I was thrown off all serps.

        Power Overwhelming

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