How I turned $6 into $250 (and maybe more)...for charity

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I few weeks ago I asked around about using your IM skills for charity.
I'm happy to say I've found some success! I'll try to put it in IM terms.

I submitted original content and sent it out to 12 potential clients within my target niche. My total investment was $6. I had a target return goal of $500 by 17 December.
(I wrote a donation letter and mailed it off to 12 different national franchises. My church is doing a homeless ministry Christmas dinner on 17 December and I'm trying to put together survival packs for homeless teens. The $6 was for postage).
My content was written pretty close to copyright format. I had a hook, small paragraphs, outlined the needs, appealed to the audience, targeted what they could offer to help, highlighted the benefits of acting and finished with a call to action in less than 500 words. ( I told them I noticed they had stores within our community, outlined how their stores could donate and spread good will in the community, therefore raising their profile while giving to a worthy cause).

Within 8 weeks I had a 25% CTR. One potential client submitted a negative reply due to lack of resources, but the other two responded with the requests. One client donated $200 and another donated $50! I also made a face-to-face contact with another potential client but I have to catch up with her in a few days. (One supermarket chain wanted to help but they were out of donations; one clothing store gave us a $200 gift card and another supermarket gave us a $50! Another supermarket manager was willing to donate but said to come back in a few days)

I don't know what that means to you guys, but it means a lot to me that I could use IM for good things besides profit. If you're thinking about giving during the season of giving, you guys are far more talented and experienced than I am. Put your skills to use!
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