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I would like to get indexed and boost my ranking on the Chinese search engine Baidu. Even though my multilingual website is translated to Chinese and submitted there it hasn't been indexed.

I would like to try and create some Backlinks from Chinese sites to get Baidu to notice the website.

Does anyone have any ideas on Chinese websites for building those links? Or any other tips/techniques welcome!

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    Baidu is famous for manually manipulating the SERP.... So, it is better saving the money.

    In the past, they just removed the site from the SERP when it ranked in the first page. Then they would ask the owner of the site to pay for the adv...

    And you will also want to make sure that your site can be accessed in China before you start your work...
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    I have heard that Baidu offers a webmaster suite where you can submit your site for indexing, but apparently it is invitation only. If your page speed is fast enough inside the great firewall of China you should get indexed by Baidu anyway, especially if you have chinese text on your site. you can use an online speed checker to see

    I have a Chinese client who has wants me to build backlinks to increase the ranking of their chinese language site in Baidu. Can anyone help to point me in the right direction?
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    If your site is on the web, chances are it's indexed.
    Mine are all indexed. Not sure oif it matters that I'm
    searching from US, but they are sure indexed.

    They may be blocking your site, but that's another story.

    I would imagine that all "suggestions" are ignored, as all real
    search engines do not need anyone submitting sites.

    Submitting a site to a real search engine, and there's like, less
    than 5(?), is a complete waste of time.

    I should get back to the blocking. Blocking would occur in most
    cases only in mainland China. Probably not including Hong Kong,
    and a select few other places.

    All my stats say baidu crawls my sites on a daily basis, sometimes
    even sooner.

    There's a lot of myths about baidu. Like some even stated above.
    Complete nonsense.

    Now if you want to rank in China for Chinese searchers for something
    Chinese that's there, I assume you would probably need a TLD local
    domain, and a server in China. I heard they "might" like meta tags.

    Also, just a tidbit. Chinese searchers like Mandarin. Is your index
    page in Mandarin? If not, stats show a huge portion of the searchers
    moving on to another page.

    Baidu is not much different than google in the way they rank sites.
    Except for one last thing. Anything, and I mean ANYTHING that relates
    to what China censors, from gambling, porn, even western movies, might,
    just might, get you censored. Even a little thing like a youtube video, FB,
    or twitter might trigger it also. This really only pertains to searchers in China.
    Baidu is a big business. Censoring results for the rest of the world would
    be a dumb business move, but I'm sure it happens.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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