Cool little Ninja trick Forces GOOGLE 2 index YouTube videos FAST

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Hey Peeps, here's a cool 2 minute little trick I posted on my Facebook page where it was well received by many professional video marketers. I have expanded the post in more detail below

Granted I figured most people knew this trick. At the same time, however, I shouldn't be surprised by the number of simple but effective methods that don't make sense cause they're too damn easy.

I get asked all the time after posting screen shots of page one video rankings for local biz on my FaceBook page and website......"how do you do that so fast etc."

Here's one of my secrets...some of you might know this but many others will not.
1. Objective: you want to rank your You Tube Video on page one of GOOGLE.

2. Before the ranking process begins, your video must be INDEXED. Sometimes my videos get indexed in minutes and in rare cases it seems to take forever.

3. Here's a simple trick that literally FORCES GOOGLE to crawl and therefore index your YouTube video. It's so stupid simple you'll kick yourself for not figuring this out a long time ago. It's one of my little secrets that allow me to rank local business videos on page one often between 20 minutes and 36 hours.

4. Ready to roll? Here you go. Simply go to Google's Key Word Tool.

5. Check both BROAD AND EXACT on the left of the page.( p.s. for u haters the hyper link above aint no affiliate link capiche. Trust me one of u will think it is....I've been around long enough 2 know. Back to biz....

6. Under website url you want to enter the URL of your newly uploaded YouTube video assuming you have at least a halfway decent video description. Enter it into WEBSITE URL.

7. Fill out the annoying "captcha" and hit ENTER. BAM!

8. What you have done is force GOOGLE to crawl and index your video faster then a backstreet prom date. Equally important is the amount of valuable keywords and keyword phrases you can use for related client videos that the tool spits out from even the shortest two minute video. These are GOLD cuz they come with traffic stats.

9. I am amazed at the number of video marketers who never realized that they could use a YouTube Video URL in place of the common website URL via GOOGLE KEYWORD TOOL.

Have an older video that is already indexed and ranked? Were I you, I'd grab the video url and run it as well. because you might just be surprised at what Google spits back your way.

Keep in mind if your description consists of two words you aint going to get much in return. But for those of you with lousy descriptions...this aint for you anyway.

But when Google starts pumping out search phrases and key words you know you're doing something right assuming the phrases relate to your video. Common sense here, peeps. And it takes about two minutes.And the faster your video indexes the faster you have a fighting chance of getting it ranked...but that's another story.

Easy Friggin' Peasy. Then again, marketing is taught so ass backwards today that any method that seems simple usually gets ignored and lost in the great abyss of self proclaimed "seo experts".

This trick aint sexy but it works. It also works on getting that new website of yours indexed a lot quicker because once again, you are FORCING GOOGLE TO CRAWL YOUR SITE WHICH FORCES THEM TO ACKNOWLEDGE IT. GET IT? GOT IT? GOOD.

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