How To Build Your OWN Private Network So That You Can Dominate The Engines At Will!

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In the common SEO society of our modern world it is common to run into those asking one question. “How Do I Create an Effective, Reliable, and Hidden Backlink Network?”

Today I am going to try my best to answer this for you while helping you keep your mind focused on the important factors of building a dominating network that can rank you on any keywords of your choice.

In this article, we are going to cover some points that you need to strongly think about before going out and building your first network.

1: You need to determine the size of your network and you need to agree on some key metrics.

- When it comes to establishing a blog network, how many sites do you plan to add to the network itself? In all terms, how many blogs do you think will be required to create a powerful network that can rank your clients as well as your own website?

- Should the blogs that are added to your network all have its own niche?
- What Page Ranks are you going to shoot for when it comes to building your network? (You must think realistically).

- At what rate should you be adding more websites to your network? Should you be adding new authority blogs to your network every month, six months, or year?
- How many blogs are you going to establish per IP address?

2: SEO Hosting

- Is SEO hosting really the best choice to make when it comes to building an authority blog network?
- What are the best practices to use when it comes to finding a reputable web hosting provider to host with?

3: Purchasing Domains

- Which domains should I buy? Aged or new? Low or high PR?

4: Setting up your network

- What software should you use to setup each blog?
- Can your blogs all have the same theme?
- What are the best practices to ensure your network does not get discovered?

So let’s start covering these topics I have listed one by one as I hope you find them resourceful!

Group 1)

When you decide that you are ready to dive into the odyssey of building and maintaining your very own private blog network you will need to figure out exactly how many websites you are going to add to the network itself. Keep in mind that you will need to continue to add websites to your network every other month or so. With that being said, when you start your blog network it’s going to be ok if you start out with a small number of websites contingent on the page rank of each domain you add. I will recommend however that you try to keep a diverse selection of TLD’s under your belt as you begin developing this private network of yours. I personally recommend starting out with thirty websites with page ranks between two and four if possible. This will allow you to start your network adventure with a small but powerful network that can rank you for low to medium competitive keywords.

When adding blogs to the network I personally suggest that each blogs have their own content niche. For example:
Blog A = A blog about car information
Blog B = A blog about beauty products
Blog C = A blog about weight loss products

I am sure you get the point from the small example above. Requiring each blog to have its own niche of content demand will allow for a more diverse network itself. More diversity = Better hidden.

Everyone knows that it is important to get backlinks form websites that have a good page rank behind its name. That is exactly why you need to decide the levels of page rank domains you would like to add to your network. HOWEVER, be sure that you do not fall prey to any page rank scams on the internet. You can find many domain sellers who are acting as high PR domain brokers when in reality the Page rank itself only results from a simple page redirect trick. I recommend for a new network starting out with thirty to forty websites which consist of PR 2 – PR4 domains.

Now one of the most common questions that I seem to run into around the web is “How many blogs can I host on the same Ip while remaining hidden?”

I would not recommend hosting more than TWO blogs on the same IP address when it comes to building a network of websites for link building purposes. You need to make sure that your blog remains UN noticed to Google. You can imagine how fast Google would be able to pick up your network if you had a few hundred sites running on the same exact IP address: D

Section 2:

When the time comes for choosing a web hosting provider I would recommend selecting shared hosting packages from several different web hosting companies. I recommend Host Gator, Ipage, Blue Host, and 1&1 hosting companies. DO NOT use godaddy unless you have a dedicated server. I have had nothing but problems with performance issues when it comes to using Godaddy’s shared hosting services.
As far as choosing C-Class IP’s I would recommend using both C-class and normal IP addresses however do not decide to go with only one type. As I have already mentioned several times that it’s a great idea to stay as diverse and random as possible.

Section 3:

When you know that the time has come to purchase domains you will need to take extra caution. You need to purchase domains with different ranges if Page ranks, domain authority and domains that have a good amount of age to them. However, I CAUTION you not to fall prey to the advertisers who are selling PR 9 Domains or PR10 domains. PR 8,9, and 10 domains are nearly impossible to accomplish. Therefore, if you happen to see a PR8 domain for sale for 500 bucks you can almost be sure its FAKE. Sellers can fake the PR of a domain by using redirects, so make sure you have substantial proof of the domains PR before purchasing!
For those looking to purchase quality PR domains with age and authority I recommend using Buy high pr domains for SEO,high pr domains for sale in which I have personally had good luck with.

When purchasing domains for your network, I would suggest that you buy lower PR domains than higher. I recommend this because you can buy a lower PR domain for cheaper of course, but you can put a little bit of work into that domain to raise its PR without having to fork over more cash. So if you are willing to spend time with your network and to put quality work into the building process I am sure you will find luck in establishing quality PR domains while having to only spend a low amount of money.

4: Setting Up Your Network

After establishing a vast range of web hosting accounts across several different companies of your choosing we will need to start focusing on establishing the network itself. I recommend setting up blogs using Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla. I recommend these CMS software because they have the capability of using XMLRPC publishing. (Remote publishing).
Once all of your blogs are setup, you need to assign a special theme to each blog itself allowing it to have its own “Unique” look. Once you have completed theme installations for every blog you will need to start looking at ways to interlink your network while keeping your cover from Google. I recommend setting your blogs up in a Link Pyramid style which will result in many low PR sites in your network pointing to high PR sites in your network. If you are not already familiar with the link Pyramid structure you can view the diagram below.

So ultimately you can see that you have many bottom feeder websites pointing to higher tier websites in an effort to boost PR of your main master site or sites.

Now, when you get to the point of adding new articles to your network that has a purpose of pointing to a master site you will need to categorize EVERY article. This means that you should not be creating post or article content that will end up getting published to the uncategorized categories of your CMS installs throughout your network. When Google spiders your website the spiders like to see a sense of organization rather than seeing an article of content posted in a category that has nothing to do with the content itself. Failure to categorize your content on your network can lead to de indexing of your website because in many ways more than one, Google will see your articles as being spammy if not categorized correctly.

Last but not least, Software. To be totally honest with you, I have yet to find any scripts on the internet that provide you with an all in one package that helps you start a link network like we have talking about. I would recommend however using wordpress as a master key site that can be developed with existing plugins to help ease the management of your network itself. As a good point for resources I would recommend using plugins like “Auto Blog” by WPMU Dev which also has many supported plugins for multisite networks. However if you were to ask me, I would hire a developer to professionally write the program for you. This will allow you to fully customize your software by your needs and desires.

That’s pretty much all I can say for now, however I will be sure to update this article as soon as I answer some of my own questions. If you feel like my information was helpful make sure to pass me a thanks for the forum!
Thanks Warriors!
John King
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    Thanks for stealing the image from my website.

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    I didnt steal from your website lol, I just used an image from Google. I will replace it if you would like. Apologies.
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      Originally Posted by johnathon4609 View Post

      I didnt steal from your website lol, I just used an image from Google. I will replace it if you would like. Apologies.
      Well at least credit the source.

      Took me like an hour to figure out how to get the damn things to line correctly. I'm artistically retarded.

      Lol... I didn't even realize I had a top ranking for "link pyramid" and "link pyramids".

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    Yep, already took care of that.
    However to answer your question.
    Alot of the current public networks don't take the extra precaution to host their network sites across hundreds or even thousands hosting accounts. However, this example that I have posted doesn't encourage publicly access network building. I only wrote this for those wanting to build a private network for themselves using many different hosting accounts.
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      Originally Posted by johnathon4609 View Post

      Yep, already took care of that.
      However to answer your question.
      Alot of the current public networks don't take the extra precaution to host their network sites across hundreds or even thousands hosting accounts. However, this example that I have posted doesn't encourage publicly access network building. I only wrote this for those wanting to build a private network for themselves using many different hosting accounts.
      Actually, most of those private networks were across tons of hosting accounts. Problem was that they put far too many sites on the same IP address and they used SEO hosting far too much. Made them easy targets.

      Anyhow, I missed the one paragraph you wrote in there as I was scrolling down. That was the reason for my criticism. Caught it when I read it the second time.

      Nah, this is a good starting point.

      And I didn't care about the image. I was just giving you shit. You can put it back if you want.

      One thing I would add to what you wrote that I think is key, the fewer links the better. People think private networks have to be like the public networks were where you have 1-2 links in each post. I often make posts on my sites with zero links. In fact, on some sites, you will only find a link every 2-3 posts.

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    Linking your network sites together as you have recommended is a very bad idea. Easy footprint for Google, to follow.
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    Exactly, which is why I think for good long term results only adding one or two sites per IP is a good idea althought It makes the project pricey.
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      Would not touch that with a ten foot pole. If the software provider can't give more details than that then its suspect. My honorable mention to software like that is to Xmark Pro. I would have bought it if it were just a little less clunky and I had a different Setup. Sets up wordpress sites with your hosting ftp information - done. nothing else needed and then does everything plugins and themes and even places links in content. Slow and finicky on reseller accounts (whm) which I use a lot of. Just a couple more upgrades and I may well buy it.

      In the monthly service space (xmark pro is one time and installed on your server) is the new CMS commander. Only service even making a good try at going multi platform although not there with Joomla in particular. Lots of features.

      As far as the OP's post. I have conflicting sentiments. Its a good start but I think it hurts more than it helps when you don't get into how to actually buy domains. Theres a lot that goes into that and the usual thing about buying faked domains really isn't where many people are at. Many more people buy non faked domains and still end up buying bad domains. People will no doubt say that I am self serving given what I am known to sell but I have yet to see where a general forum can teach you how to build solid SEO networks. Shucks with all the silly "noise" from people posting who don't know what they are talking about I don't think people can even learn basic SEO on open forums anymore either.

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        except for the fact that the hidden gem that kicks the ____ out of any other management platform - at least for marketers in mind - white green flourescnet hat whatever.... (though youll get mor ebang for buck - and being someone with literally like 80,000 web2 automated with rankwyz and looking at other otpions the 299 a month is a friggin bargain. This thing, ok i suppose ill tell what thing:

        KICKS. THE. S*H*T out of X mark pro (tried it, totally clunky as mentioned and bug revealed all my sites til i quickly fixed) 1 strike your out - thogh there is a new version in works maybe new owner, it is the only closest thing and it sucks

        the thing with mtohership is it doesnt just do stuff like bulk randomized installs - it is cloaking its own plugins duh... yeah im sure g always follows robots.tx - if you bothered to set it up (i only know and use one other tool smart enough to do this) and unless your much darker and think WAY WAY WAY more outside the box - this form isnt a place to discuss that...

        but as mothership has been around for years now - and i still cant come close to finding enything that does half or even a tend of what it can and i reply on daily for... ie. ads / andthing you want - i can push out an image or iframe or both based popup even with referal search filtering. Over 600 sites connected and i can inject ad code wherever i was, or java or shortcodes if your themes use one get creative etc... it has link building including the best one which finds and replacing your prior text in posts and convert to (or removes!) them...

        if you like cloaking and redirection - all covered

        if you like uploading 100 articles with random dates in a second all unique thats no biggie - or if you prefer to spin in a very enhance kind of way - mixing spinning with tokens for video, q+a. straight up search text results youtube flickr cmscommander

        BUT you can also make own tokens - i like crazy 500,000 word spin build with no word level spinning, most choke on this/ i can run on mothership straight up with huge spins (which are best mashed recombined in a pseudo AI marcov chain together with pass volume - enter - nothing comes close

        stas, backups (db) and ability to say plug install plugin are generally all possible but sorry to say its not the best at cloning sites, backup for big networks.

        Which is indeed why i and up with memberships with managewp for that boring stuff, and cms commander while problematic and doesnt do anything like instaall, etc. If they added freebase structured supplementing content, auto authority link posting out

        Sadly Ive been trying to get ahold of mothership krea (in Bali - ryan is the man - with a few updated twists it would (ALREADY IS)
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    I suggest to have eveything most diversity. Hosting in multiple location/server, different domain type(PR, aged,new), different tld, different cms platform etc.

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