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Hey guys,

Quick question here: I am ranked number one for a keyword with the following stats:

Average Vol: 480
Competition: .94
(Courtesy of Raventools)

And yet I am getting no traffic..anyone know why?

Is this data inaccurate?
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    Exact match or broad match ?
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    rankings you are seeing may be from your browser cache....clear all browser cache and then search on google for current rankings. If it still there then it might be problem with Geo targeting as it may rank only for local places not for rest datacenters of google.

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      Thanks for the info, I use raventools, seo for firefox, etc so positive that I rank number 1. That data is exact match.
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    I am having similiar issues with Adsense and it is just frustrating.

    Number 1 for a exact match keyword on google
    CPC around $3.00
    Keyword searched an average of 2,500 time month.

    I have been number 1 for several days so will give it a month to get accurate results but havent received the first click yet

    Just surprising and perplexing the same time...
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    Have you tried searching incognito on chrome. This will give you non-personalised results which should show you your true rankings.

    Also is your keyword seasonal? It might be that demand has dropped at this time of year.
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    Give me your keyword using pm I will give you the detailed review about this.
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