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Dear Warriors,

This is my First thread in Warrior Forum. I have an idea to target Local Business.
1. I currently own 150+ Local Place Domains. My definition for Local Place domain and subdomains :

If the name of a city is city1 : My Local place domain is incity1.com or incity1.net.
My Local place subdomain for hospitals and doctors will be hospitals.incity1.com and doctors.incity1.com .

2. Every Local placed subdomain will be a different website , It will be updated with relevant articles and Directory listings.

3. Every local placed domain(LPD) will be a top level website for all Local place subdomains (LPSD)

4. All LPD and LPSD will be SEO optimized with all white hat SEO techniques .

5. Every LPD and LPSD will have one or more SEO link wheels or Pyramids with micro web sites(Blogs and microblogs).

6. All micro websites will have a Fullmonty run with senuke every month.

7. Once my LPD and LPSDs have landed in first page in SERP I will start monetizing them. But I will wait at least 6 months to do so.

I already own the domains I need and SENUKE permanent license with me.
I have my own network of own proxy servers, 3 windows servers in three differnt locations with my own senukex license.
I have six employees to work for me , already recruited by me.

Wordpress will be my CMS

Please let me know your thoughts on this Idea. Am I doing anything wrong ? your ideas and suggestions will be appreciated .
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    Friends ,
    21 views but no reply ? Should I assume that I am my doing good with my plan ?
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    I only feel that if you are looking for White Hat SEO then do not go for SEO Nuke or any automated software. Tell your guys to go for manual submissions and have quality resourse for them.
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    I can help you for your senuke needs. I have nice experience in it and can work as per your need.
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    @Google Local SEO and bestcreativeseo Thanks for your advice. But I don't believe white/black hat classification anymore. Every technique that we use is a mix of two. Let me call it Grey(?)hat !!!
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