Has anyone recovered from Penguin between updates?

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Hey there guys,

Now with the new Disavow Links Tool... Has anyone recovered from Penguin between updates?

If we clean up our bakclinks, remove spammy ones, disavow the ones we can't remove, etc... can we recover between penguin updates? or do we need to wait for Penguin 4?

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    No i don't think so, How can you recovered from penguin if you have already done spamming.
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    my sites are still on page 20 from page 1!
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    I see one of my sites that was hit by the panda penguin combo update fluctuate from 2nd page to the 40th page every week or so. Hopefully one of these days, it'll stick on the second.

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    Ya you can. I recovered one of my websites with the methods you mentioned.

    I used backlink removal service that advertises on here linkdelete.com to remove spammy and low quality links. Then I updated those links that I had acccess to still with the login info. Then I waited a bit and then filed a disavow list with Google.

    Rankings have been steadily bouncing back since then.
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