May i know how you guyz are submittting articles into bookmarking irectories?

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May i know how you guyz are submittting articles into bookmarking irectories? and are you using softwares?

If using softwares, are you using spinning articles? or each submission contains unique article? I have a thought of submitting each unique article into each top bookmarking directory..)BUT it costs a lot! and moreover no software contains great websites in it, that's other problem!

IAm thinking to outsource someone to submit into top bookmarking directories, but it again seems to be costing a lot

How exactly you do submission in your case?
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    ur suggestions.. pls.. sory to bump....
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    I was offering such kind of service before 4-5 Yrs when there were only 50-100 good bookmarking sites. All I did was write a simple script that would generate the submission links for websites I enter in a text area. (Links that took me to submit pages with article title, source website & description populated automatically.)

    However, there are software that can easily do that but most sites should not accept links submitted automatically. This is what I saw after I received so much spam on a bookmarking site I owned. These kind of spam software are optimized for Pligg CMS on which most of bookmarking sites are based upon. And advice is to stay away from spam scripts but use something that allows to submit using half automated - half manual strategy.
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    Hey, people are using EZINE articles i believe(very good allegedly) ... Or dolla articles for what you require... apparently its good
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    Dont use submitters to mass submit into article directories. Just write 1 article per day using your own logic and intuition.
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  • Not using any kind of software at for submitting articles. Manual submission is the best way to submit articles into the article directories. Same to social bookmarking.
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