How do I improve my blog for more impression? Please guide me.

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Hello people,

I created a blog on few months before....but I am not at all getting views....I am fed up with all this...

Isn;t my blog worth reading? Please look into my blog and suggest me what to do??

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    I would Get a domain an hosting install wordpress

    But if your want to stick with free blog I'd set another up with a half decent name and then
    Create more unique content posts, try posting one new post a day

    Create YouTube videos get using Facebook,twitter,g+

    What have you been doing to drive traffic?
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      I tried posting on social networking sites, submitted my blog to search engines....all the 3..
      and yahoo answers...thats it!!!!!!1

      I would like to use a free site for 1 year...and if earn at least some dollars then will buy a new domain....

      By the way...if I change my website address...then should I submit my blog again to search engines???? What name would you suggest??
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    I wouldn't wait to get domain an hosting

    Because you can't transfer the blogger blog you would have to add the domain to blogger but they can shut your blog down anytime they want especially in the make money online
    So you would lose everything.

    You really need your own hosting puts you in total control rarther than

    Also yes if you get a new site you would have to start doing it all agin from scratch because all your previous traffic is going to the blogger blog and there's no way to setup redirect
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      Ok...Thanx for the info I will change from blogger to wordpress as soon as possible....

      But I need to get traffic to my site again...and thats a biggggggggggggg problem for me
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    Is all your content 100% unique or is it spun/copied
    Also the make money online keyword is dam hard to rank for in search engines,
    Try targeting other Internet marketing related keywords

    Sign up for an become an affilaite for wso products
    Create a reviews on your site buy product from wso section on hear an make a review on your site for it that will bring some traffic and commissions and if you have interesting post's the visitors may start coming back
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    There are numerous ways to get your blog seen. I just sent you a PM.

    Hope you'll find it useful
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      How long have you been working on your blog to get traffic?

      Some of the WSOs out here are good for driving traffic, you should really take a look at some of them. You can even get free WSOs (from people offering it) that talks about driving traffic.

      One thing I see happening a lot is sharing sites like Scribd showing up a lot on search engines, so you should start there if you haven't already.

      Another thing is, decide WHO you want to get. Just general public who'll click on your ads? Or are you collecting a list? Decide how you want to monetize then work from there if this isn't something you've figured out yet.

      In any case, I wish you all the best to your site!
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    Originally Posted by Fearlesshunter View Post

    Hello people,

    I created a blog on few months before....but I am not at all getting views....I am fed up with all this...

    Isn;t my blog worth reading? Please look into my blog and suggest me what to do??

    Earn money online through Internet at home.

    Good. Then quit!

    There is no room for emotions in business my friend. And for me personally, the blog is not worth reading. Why? Because with a website like that, its too obvious that you're not making any money. With a thread like THIS, it becomes that much more obvious. But still... you decide to talk about earning money online? Do you think people are that stupid? Because they're not. They're actually a lot smarter than you think.

    Have you ever SEEN a website that actually makes money?
    Do you think making money is as simple as slapping a generic title in your header and writing a few generic articles?

    Entering this niche with no experience, is the same as entering the soda niche with no experience. You will get slaughtered. If you actually wanted to rank that website you'd need to do 2 things:

    1) Content/copy/design 100xs better than it is now. I always use seomoz as an example. Thats one guy who knows his shit. Look at the quality of the content in his blog.

    2) A well thought out promotional strategy. Whether its affiliates, seo, or paid advertising. Don't expect to just build a few links, and have your site hit page 1. Knowledge is power in the SEO arena. Certain keywords require 2 paid high quality writers working full time doing nothing but backlinks.

    Looking at how emotional you are, and fed up, conveys to me that you have bit off more than you can chew. My advice. Do not target this niche. You will regret it. I have more experience in both design and seo, and I'm still not targeting niches that competitive.

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    Originally Posted by Fearlesshunter View Post

    Hello people,

    I created a blog on few months before....but I am not at all getting views....I am fed up with all this...

    Isn;t my blog worth reading? Please look into my blog and suggest me what to do??

    Earn money online through Internet at home.
    A few helpful suggestion for you my friend.
    • It's obvious that English isn't your first language. There are some spelling mistakes on your blog. Take a look at fiverr and find someone who does editing work that can correct the spelling and grammar mistakes. It'll make you look more professional.
    • Do some actual case studies on people making money online. If you don't have any of your own, interview some other people who've actually done it. It's way more interesting than a generic article on the subject. If I was a potential person reading your blog, I want to know what's actually working for people right now today. I would imagine the people who do read your blog feel this way.
    • Why should anyone listen to you? It's not really clearly addressed in your content. You have to give people a reason to trust you. For example, the first famous SEO client I got made it so much easier to get more famous ones. When a new SEO clients asks me who I am, it's instant credibility to drop names of people on Oprah, Dr. Phil, etc. Obviously, you're not going to start there but you can certainly find a reason to give people to know that what you're offering is genuine. Trust is a big deal in any business.
    • How is this different than any other site? What's the extra value for the reader? That's not clear either. You don't want "content for the sake of content". Blow your reader away with amazing stuff.
    How can you be selling "make money online" if you're not "making any money online"? Again, there are other people out there who are easy to interview if you're willing to do a little digging to find them.

    Those are a just a few ideas. If you don't start thinking like blowing your reader away with awesome content, even if you do get visitors, they'll be unlikely to stay.

    Don't give up either. Internet marketing is hard work to learn but once you get it done, it will pay you off 1000x over in terms of overall contribution and the money you make.
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    You have picked a very tricky niche to get in to. I am unsure why so many people see this as a good starter niche as its tricky. For one, your target audience are people like us, on this forum, who have spent time learning about how to make money and can see that your blog is not a successful blog a mile off.

    You have to be objective when analysing your blog. You have probably worked hard on it and so are biased towards it. But have a look at your competition. For your blog to be successful it has to be at the very very least equally as good as your competition.

    Do you think your blog looks as attractive as the competition?
    Do you think the posts are as well written?

    If not, make improvements. Then worry about traffic.

    Good luck

    Need a break from IM? -

    Please PM me if you want to JV with a committed and passionate writer.

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  • Be fearless fearlessHunter! Do not give into the menial hardships of online marketing that every warrior fights through.
    be fearless and bold my fearlessHunter friend, you blog is only as powerful as your marketing fella!
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  • Actually, i just looked at your blog.
    you might want to start with something that you are actually relatively knowledgeable in.
    You cant possibly make a blog about making money when it actually seems like you haven't done so yourself.
    Start with something that you're interested in.

    Blog about that, set up an adsense account with google and they'll automatically include relevant ads tailored to what you're talking about.

    we've all been there my fearlessHunter.
    Starting is the most difficult part in this business.
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    1) You are spamming.
    2) You target an English-speaking audience with poor English.
    I don't build in order to have clients. I have clients in order to build. - Ayn Rand
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    If you don't know how to make money online then how could you tell people to earn money online.

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    Firstly, if you are serious build a proper site on a domain you own. Next improve your content. Finally, build BACKLINKS!
    Need REAL targeted Traffic? PM me
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