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I get PM's a lot asking about my back linking strategy, so I will explain my back linking strategy. Though I will note that I no longer do any back linking for my sites, but I will say that this has worked for me in getting back links.

After creating my adsense sites I go to google news and setup alerts on the topic of the new site. So if I had a site about car batteries I would then have an alert setup to alert me of any new news articles related to car batteries. Then each day when I receive the alert I visit each news article page and if comments are allowed I simply add a comment with a link back to my site.

Even if the news site does a no follow or doesnt even allow html I still will add a comment. I do this because we sometimes forget the whole point of adsense sites is to have people come to our site and click an ad, I mean thats how we make money. We get lost in just wanting the back link for ranking with google. But from experience people reading my comments are curious so they will click over just to view my site and who knows what happens next. They could click an ad and make you some money, book mark it for later use or forward it to their friends. Even better they might have their own website and put a link back to my site, you just never know. So dont just add a link just for the sake of back linking. To give an example I posted a comment and a link that did a no follow on my link, for almost a month after putting a link on that news article I averaged almost 100 referrals from that one link alone each day. So again dont just get stuck thinking a back link is only good for ranking, it also is good for getting humans to your site, which is the goal to begin with.

Also I actually read articles, I dont just put some random comment. I try my best to give a legit comment on each article page. I know, its time consuming but I dont do it forever. I do this strategy for maybe the first 2 weeks or month at the most and it kind of goes on auto pilot from there with regards to getting traffic.

Hope that helps, nothing special. A lot of people do this already. But remember if your content isnt very good it really doesnt matter how many back links you have, people wont stay on your site.
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