Web 2.0 Property for Google PPC Landing Pages?

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I'm curious if anyone has recently tried using a Web 2.0 site a landing page for a Google PPC campaign.
I know a while ago I ran into a few for some offline niches (car mechanic, attorneys, etc).
I'm considering running some tests and I like the clean design of Tumblr or Weebly since they don't have any ads or distractions on the sides.

I don't care about buying domains or ranking the site, etc. I just want to make it G compliant and run my test for a few hours up to a few days... then off to the next test for up to 30 different tests.

Your thoughts or comments are appreciated!

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  • AMangones,

    At first glance I do not see any issue with this as long as it accomplishes your goals. What will traffic to when they get to the site? Will they fill out a form? Call a number? Complete a transaction? Just remember to deliver what the add promises when they arrive at the page.

    As long as you have good content on the page you should be ok in Google’s eyes as well.

    Google has pretty comprehensive policy guidelines,

    AdWords Policy Center - Advertising Policies Help

    Hope that helps,

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    Thank you Shawn,

    Ideally they will fill out a form and then complete a transaction, and from what I have read, Google will allow this if done the right way.

    Thank you for that link. I'll certainly spend some time going through it.
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