Will changing the URL of a page will change its PR?

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For example a page has 2 PR and url looks something like this.
And i want to change it to.

Real quick please. Thanks
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    Yes, make sure you do a 301 redirect from the old url to the new url to pass the "juice"
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    Yes, it will lose its PR. To avoid that, 301 redirect the old URL to the new one.
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    You can of course redirect the old url to the new one. But why change your permalink at all? It's really not best practice to mess around with your permalink structure unless it's really necessary. I messed up one of my most profitable sites by changing the url structure. And even with redirects, I never got back the traffic it once had.

    Just a cautionary tale for you. If you must, then redirect the links. But if it can be avoided, keep your urls the way they are!
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    If you want to obtain your previous domain pr to new one then you need to do 301 redirection that is permanent in nature and passes previous link juice to new domain.
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    Absolutely it will, however the new page (link it from your homepage) should get juice flow to it as long as it does have a few direct links to the new page (re-direct that old url as suggested above for sure).
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