Adsense Revenue Sharing on Wordpress Blogs?

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I have recently added a submit function to Earn Money Insider for registered and logged-in users to submit posts through that page.

I will handle tagging them, categorizing them, etc, but I want a way to let people share in the revenue of the site for their work there.

I want to do this with blog posts at first.

Is this legal for new sites? I read somewhere just now that it can get you banned from adsense if your traffic volume isn't high enough?

I'd like for registered members to be able to put in their adsense pub id in their profile, and then begin sharing in the earnings of the site for the posts they submit and also site-wide to a lesser degree than their own posts if possible (a percentage of global views, and 75% of posts they own).

Any help, tips, guidelines, or questions to help me get all the information you need to give an answer is greatly appreciated. I'd like to get this done with a plugin if possible/if anyone knows of one.
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    After some more research on this, it seems that you must have a "high amount of traffic" before you integrate revenue sharing to your site, but I can't find any ball park figures for that - in case anyone missed the thread, and with this new info, anyone have any input for it?

    Thanks Warriors!
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