Why is my site not showing up in google search after a year of being online?

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My site is The Real Life Adventures of Christian C. Locke and it used to be that if I typed in "christian locke" in the search engine that my site would come up listed on page one, sometimes at the top sometimes not, right now though I don't see it listed anywhere. I have a thesis site that I post on fairly regularly, it is really discouraging to see that I can't even have my home page show up when you search my name...

Is there anyone here that can comment on this or help me figure out why this is the case? I couldn't find anyone to contact at google to discuss this right off hand, I figured coming here to ask first would be wise. thank you.
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    Have you been de-indexed or you just not showing up on the first few pages?
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    Yep you're #3 for me as well
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    Your site is showing up in position 3 on Google's Cheyenne WY servers.


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    I see you ranking #5 (UK results, no personalization).

    The thing with seo is you have to be very process orientated and not results orientated. Reason being, you need to do LOTS of work in order to rank for anything competitive. You have to love the grind and the challenge.

    I look at it like a game, its the reason why it gives me the motivation to work at it each day. It's like me vs Google.

    I continuously take action, see the results and refine my process. This is the mindset you need brother.

    Hope that helps, if you need anything send me a message.

    - Andy

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    Guys... You've all been rick-rolled (kinda).

    Buy clicking on his link in Google, you've raised his CTR globally. Google sorts by

    1. Relevance
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    details: See #2 at 19 SEO Secrets

    I'm a writer for Forbes and Fast Company.
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