PPC VS SEO: Which is Better for Your Business?

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Determining whether PPC or SEO is best is one of the main decisions you will have to make when promoting your business on the Internet.
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    I would have voted , if you have 4th option of "Mix of PPC /SEO" . What i do is , start the client with PPC and then start working on SEO internally. That way I can deliver results in terms of conversions from day 1 itself. In long term SEO will be cost effective . So Mix of PPC/SEO is what you need for your business.
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    Both are important for an online business website. But according to me SEO is the most important one for any website. It helps to optimize a website for making it perfect for any kind of online business.
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    All three answers is Opt for the question. The thing is, need to select "the best" option in those three. So My vote goes to Pay Per Click.

    1.Through SEO you can promote your services, Brands, products etc. By means of Keyword rankings you will get the clicks and the traffic.

    2. Through SMO(Social Media Optimization), one who can drives huge amount of traffic.

    3. Only in PPC only can get the Lead in a very short span of time. no need to wait and can easily trackable in PPC compare to other techniques.
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    I suggest all services for my clients.
    I start off with SEO and meanwhile start off a campaign in Google PPC. Also Social Media is used to generate interest.

    Some clients are not willing to jump into PPC so I start them off on SEO first and we start off with PPC over time.

    It is best to use a mix of all.
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    PPC if you've got an offer that converts well. There's no way that SEO can ever get you the amount of traffic that PPC can.
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    For the long term, SEO is the best. For the short term, PPC is better.
    However, still one vote for SEO
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      PPC and SEO both are great ways to enhance your website. But SEO prone to longevity of result. Search engine optimisation is hence a better rounded approach to online marketing and has a much wider coverage.
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    The question should be "what is better for your online business". Even better, "what is better for YOUR online business", keeping in mind that some businesses also have a physical presence. There is no set answer that fits all. And there are more options than listed in this poll. If it's best for a certain kind of business to juggle on a unicycle on a street corner, then that's what they should do.

    Again, as with a previous poll, the real answer should be, any and all of the above. Some products and services it may be best using a certain kind of marketing or a combination. Yes, some where SEO may not be the best (read: may not work as well as something else). Others where anything works and contributes to the bottom line.

    This poll's results will be as varied as the businesses, although most here are IMers so I can guess what the most popular answer will be. Thing is, you shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket.
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    I've seen this type of poll a few times here and nobody ever puts a "both" option. It's pretty simple. PPC for instant traffic at a cost & traditional SEO for long-term traffic.
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    I vote SEO because it has good CR (conversion rate). Long tail keywords on the top spot will bring targeted traffic which has high convertion rate.

    You can write a longer description in meta tag, so search engines will display it. Description space of the PPC is shorter, so this is hard to write a message that informs its entirety.
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