Reciprocal link building- Good or Bad?

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Hello warriors,

Can anyone please suggest me about the effectiveness of reciprocal link building today? Are they really play a vital role in link building activity?
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    Only if the targeted site does not contain too many links out and has an equal or better ranking compared to your site. However, this method is not highly recommended
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    In mah opinion Reciprocal Link Building is not a good way for us actualy mine personal experience is Why our competitors put up mine link in his site and why i put up his site link in my site as we know that might be my visitors can be got his site through my site so why we doing these type of work..
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    It really depends on how well you use it. It can work well, yes, but then you have to get your links on HIGHLY relevant pages and vice versa. If you're not careful though, this could be quite disastrous.
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    It basically depends on the quality of website, if the quality of website is good enough like high pr, relevant, less OBL then it would be highly beneficial for your website to get a link.
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    yes, reciprocal links are still good, you can find on niche specific sites, and take links on those sites,
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      Reciprocal links are not good, but if you have 2 websites and other person have 2 websites you could do non reciprocal link exchange.
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    its interesting topic. I get request for repo links,I offer person a repo link on my other site with same PR in exchange to his if its relevant,if not,I would not bother answering. If he really wants a backlink,or I need content,I can offer a guest post with a link. I think you are talking about web directories,in most cases to get PR link is to do a repo links. If you are doing it for client,find a directories that offers 20+ PR3+ links for 20-40usd per year. Charge 2x of what you are paying. Remind them that these links are gonna get dropped if you they dont pay after a year.

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    I tend to stay away from it. I prefer having high PR one way backlinks.

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    HMMMMMMM I really want to agree with some of the above that its a waste of time but I am going to play the opposite role on this one.

    While I do not believe they will help you improve serp rankings like they used to. They do help build authority and make your linking profile look more natural.

    Google is all about a natural looking backlink profile (do you think friends do not link to each other on occasion back and forth? Of course they do, google may not honor it like a High Pr backlink directly to your page, but it does have value for making you look more authoritative in the engines eyes.).
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    Reciprocal link is not working now a day, so don't try this Technic it is harmful to your website.
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    It cannot be right to say that reciprocal links are not good for SEO... Reciprocal Links are effective if they have good page rank, relevant catagory and less Out Bounding Links...
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