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Hi All,

Just checking in to get some feedback on what an SEO specialist job position would entail. Such as x amount of blog articles per day x amount of links? Basically if I hired someone to work for me, what could I expect from a position like this

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    It all depends on your expectations, amount of time you have hired them for and what have you guys decided in previous. The people I have hired are top notch and work for me for like 10 hours a day and do all the tasks I assign them on daily basis and update me at the end of the day. So it all depends on the factors you guys make an agreement upon.
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      Could you give me some expectations out of a standard 40 hour work week that you expect?
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        create unique posts and content twice a week. You dont need to go crazy and post every day. Make the content relevant to your site. Backlink with in your site so have link from one page point to another page on your site. Create backlinks to not only your main page but all the other pages on your site. Try to get like 10 back links a day
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    Well, in my opinion if you hire a very professional reliable SEO person you should trust him/her. Don't expect x amount of backlinks or articles or so. Only expect that your ranking position higher every month.
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    You can go online and find some great layouts for seo blog descriptions. Try looking through the search engine journal for something, because I know theyve listed SEO and job descriptions based on skill as well as pay.

    They should be active in social media, keyword research, being up to date on all SEO related stuff (google algorithm changes etc), creating new content, optimizing your content, optimizing search engine display results for position (e.g. videos, etc) and more.

    Why don't you make him write you a list of what he thinks he should be doing on a weekly/monthly basis then post it here for review
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    Depends on what your paying them? What they offered, etc...
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    Thanks for all of the help!!!!
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    Also very interested to hear what some SEO professionals in the 9-5 career do on a Daily Basis.

    Great thread!
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    Hi Patrick310!

    A job of a SEO specialist is not by giving you directly the amount of keywords and links that you need. Take note that a credible SEO specialist will sit down and talk with you first with the improvements that you need for your site before getting into the real business.

    Proper keyword research has to be done first. Don't trust other specialists that will rank you immediately in the SERPS. You may be victimized with obscure keywords that do not contain any relevant traffic in it. Rankings takes time to work.

    Basically, 5 keywords per month with the correct set of keywords will do the job if you spin it and syndicate to article directories and blog networks via Article Samurai or Then, do a couple of high pr links for further link juice.

    Hope this helps.

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    I would think it would depend on your budget, type of website and what you and the SEO specialist agree on.

    I would expect unique articles written for most links acquired from guest posts, blogs, article directories etc. and make sure they use social media signals in the SEO process as well.
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    Here is my recommendation, if you are asking this question then its likely a good idea to find yourself a company to manage it for you. This is not something that you should be managing. A company will maange the process for you and be sure that they are staying on the up and up on the latest tactics.

    Don't get stuck trying to manage something you don't know whether or not will work or could do harm to your business.
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    Do not just rely on the daily tasks if you are about to hire a SEO. Focus on the result. This will define the quality of work done by that SEO,.
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