How high on page 1 to get traffic? We're in position 4, no traffic yet.

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This is for a keyword that gets 3,600 searches a month.

"basement waterproofing nj".

I've checked several times on hidemyass and we're in position 4.
Which happens to display underneath all the google place/plus listings.

So I'm not even sure if thats technically considered position 4.

There are position 1,2 & 3 in organic results.
Then positions 1-7 in local results.
Then we're the first 1 under local results.

We are also working on ranking for 14 other keywords.

But my question is this. For SEO, I guess you don't get any traffic if you display underneath the local research results?

Our top 3 competitors are some pretty big companies. One of them is a franchise actually. And we're just a local business.

So my question is, to make SEO work, what should we be aiming to do?
We're not just focused on this 1 keyword like I said, but we have been doing SEO for it the longest. The long tailed keywords we only started going after maybe a couple months ago.

But I don't understand how we're suppose to get consistent traffic.
It seems to me, like you have to put a major "dent" in google to accomplish this.

Would it be smarter to aim for local search results?

Would it be smarter to NOT focus on google at all, and get like 60 videos ranked on youtube? Then start getting fans to our facebook?

How do you guys get traffic? Aside from PPC?

Thanks - Red

ps. we currently have a lot of business that we're getting offline, and a smaller extent off craigslists/youtube, but I really want to get our online presence strong. From the 6-7 youtube vids we have ranked, we get about 3-4 calls a month. From craigslist, we get about 6-10 calls a month, posting around 3 ads a day. I'm just not sure what our main focus should be. I feel like if we can't grab the top 3 spots on google, we need to start doing something different.

I like youtube because its easy to rank. So I'm thinking we can get 50-60 videos ranked on youtube to up our youtube traffic.
Then we can work more intensly on facebook... or maybe start getting citations for our google plus page.

How do you guys figure this stuff out? We have limited resources, and are trying to gain maximum results.
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    For that low seach volume I guess people will only click on the first 3 results...

    Elion Makkink

    Become an SEO Hustler too at

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    its not only the first 3 results that you are fighting against, all the other 7 local listings
    are above you too.

    so, in fact you are on position 11. normally, the 10th position without local listings get about 1% of the total traffic, this means 36 visitors per month. so per day you should
    get 1 visitor. the question is where is this one visitor, damn!
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    If I were you I'd fight for getting that business listed on the local listings. Google thinks that search term means the user is looking for a local business. So give them what they want.

    To do this you need to make a Google Business page for the business. It will take a bit of time as they'll send you a postcard to your biz address for authentication. But even before that you can start getting reviews to the business. Have past clients write up a review for you if you can. Google first displays businesses that have reviews up and they also like to show biz's that get good reviews.
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    In my opinion you need to build an authoritative site that ranks #1 on google above places. Then you need to build your google places page.

    Instead of backlinks get citations. I just started ranking my first google places page and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

    Citations are name-address-phone number

    Also, I've had videos rank above places or right below. So that's definitely a good way to go
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    if you're ranking No 4 and you're not getting traffic, then i guess the problem is the title of your pages.

    your pages title is not capturing readers attention to click and visit your website.

    or may be your introduction paragraph is not engaging. as you know Google displays a snapshot shot of your first paragraph, before user click on your website most of the time the go through those few lines, if they found it interesting they then go ahead and read the rest of....

    and also the keyword search is just 3600 as you've said, that search isn't much to get lot's of visits to your site, since you're not ranked no1, that search will be split between your competitors too.
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    Defiantly go after the easy Youtube positions on Google SERPs. Make a few TV type commercials for your offline services & rank the videos.
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    As well as the ideas above you could expand your keyword base. I would add more content for variations or expansions of longtails for your main kws. I know you are going after 14 other keywords but you could dig right into other longtails based around the standard "basement waterproofing nj" and your other main ones.

    basement waterproofing cost new jersey
    basement wateproofing membrane new jersey
    basement waterproofing paint nj
    waterproofing basement companies
    waterproof basement techniques

    I wouldn't even bother adding the placename "nj" "New Jersey" to many of these long tail phrases. The SEs should pick that up from the general gist of your site. Some of the longer tail phrases that might not seem worth targeting due to apparent low volume will probably get you business because they are more specific and buyer orientated.
    I don't build in order to have clients. I have clients in order to build. - Ayn Rand
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    maybe it can be your keyword research? have you chose exact instead of broad match?
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    Seems like you haven't learn how to check the exact traffic of a keyword, Google Adwords --> Keyword Tool --> Match Types(on the left) --> check the [exact] option.
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