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I am a newbie at PPC and heard that advertisers like 7Search and Clicksor are not recommended because you can't scale up and the quality of traffic is not very good.

I heard Microsoft adCenter was good to start. Any opinion on this and other PPC advertiser recommendations that has good quality traffic, can scale up and a minimum deposit of $25?
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  • 07Strat,
    I am not that experienced with 7search but have heard good things about them. Not sure if they would be good for your specific needs.

    You would do well to go with one of the major players although they can be costly (but in my opinion you get what you pay for). Adwords (Google) or AdCenter (Bing/Microsoft) are good choices. Not only do they have well developed platforms and tools for using the platforms but there is also a wealth of knowledge out there on using those services which will come in handy if you get really into PPC or decide you need to hire someone to manage an account.

    Maybe you can find some ideas here,

    Which PPC Provider Should You Use? – Pay Per Click Journal

    Hope that helps,

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      bing is pretty good to start out with(for search) but google is where the game is played
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    Google AdWords is pretty much it, and LinkedIn PPC is awesome if you're in a higher-profit, B2B niche since their minimum CPC is $2.00. But if that pencils out for you, it converts like CRAZY.

    Microsoft/MSN AdCenter just flat out sucks. Their policies and TOS are absurd. Every time I've imported an AdWords account into MSN for a client, over 90% of the keywords and ads are disallowed. It's basically a big waste of time and I won't even do MSN ad management for clients anymore, no matter how much they offer to pay.

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    Google adsense seems to be most popular and has the most advertisers.
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    I was recently searching for something similar and found this article The 10 PPC Network Smackdown | CDF Networks. His tests say MSN Adcenter is the way to go. Only one problem. When reviewing their (MSN) TOS it says no 'affiliate marketing'. SO the search continues.
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