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Hello warriors. I have an authority website that gets good traffic and ranks number one on google for several relevant search terms. The problem is, my cpc jumps all over the place. Some days it's $0.20 cpc, some days it's $0.60 cpc. I have no idea how to exert some control over my cpc. I have tried so many different methods, and nothing seems to have any long standing results.

Recently I removed all ad units except for one, in the hopes that the increased competition would increase the cpc. The following day I had delusions of reaping in tons of money as I saw my cpc climb to over $1.00 per click. Over the course of the next couple days the cpc dropped back down to slightly above what was normal for that ad unit. Now, the cpc did hold higher than it was when I had two ad units per page, but the overall earnings weren't really anymore because I was no longer getting clicks off the second ad unit.

Two nights ago I put the second ad unit back on the website, but made sure it was a completely different unit, and it's own channel. The cpc of the first ad unit on the site plummeted back down to about $0.20 cpc again, but the second ad unit is getting $1.10 cpc now! What the heck is going on? The ctr is much higher on the first unit than the second, so obviously I want the higher cpc to be on that unit. How in the heck do I gain some stability in my cpc? Is it possible to somehow switch the cpc from the second ad unit to the first? In the past I've tried just swapping the placement of the two units, but the cpc usually adjusts itself within hours.

BTW, this is a well established, aged site with pr3, and all original content. I haven't added anything new, or changed anything other than my ad layout in quite some time.
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    Hi longblog,

    It is perfectly normal for CPC to jump around. The ads are served from a dynamic auction, so as the conditions of the auction changes each hour, so does your CPC. CPCs are controlled by advertisers, it will never hold steady, that would be like the stock market never changing.

    If you want to earn higher CPCs then work on boosting your targeted traffic. The more targeted traffic that you get to your advertisers' websites, and the more they purchase from your advertisers, the greater your CPCs will go.
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    I wouldn't worry about the daily CPC, look at the monthly CPC, that's the average. Like already said Adwords is an auction it's not fixed pricing for the advertisers.
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    Why are you tensed about the fluctuation of the CPC. The constant rate of CPC is not normal at all where the ups and downs of the rate is normal. You cannot control this rates because it's controlled by the service holder or the advertiser always. Which advertising service you are using now? If it's Adwords you can take a look for some help there -
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    So, my suggestion is not to look on the rate. Try to increase the traffic and make it unstoppable and do it as much as you can to earn rapid income.
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