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For 3 years i have reached one main conclusion, the best investment i can do in my online business is on SEO and link building, and after a long hard research on the SEO i finally started my own SEO business.

2012 was a huge disappointment to me after losing some of my best customers after the penguin attack. But i did recover fast and helped all my remaining customers to recover fast without removing links and wasting my time on bad links.

Now i am looking into the future and i not only want to improve my SEO business but also I want to improve my ranking for all my other blogs and affiliate sites. and I think some of those strategies are the best for the future of SEO and link building

1. Creatine my own private blog network, Can be free hosted blogs, but it must have only unique, high value content

2. Guest posting to related and high traffic blogs, i have not tested this strategy yet, because it require too much time

3. Wiki links are good for now, but I am not sure if they will keep being this good

4. Youtube and video marketing, it's very effective and very worth the effort.

5. Finally 2 tier and 3 tier link building, this way you will protect your money site and create a 2nd level sites, blogs and pages and create the cheap masses of backlinks to those 2 tier pages.

I still use software and link building tools and i will keep using them no matter what Google do and what kind of updates it make, the only thing i will change is the way i use those tools, after all I know i cannot compete unless i use a powerful link building tools.

I really would love to read your tip and your strategy, so what you think will work in the 2013 to improve ranking and traffic????

thank you
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    Thanks for sharing you strategies. It could be helpful for others.
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    Here is the best internet marketing technique :

    Step :1 Identify your audience's need
    Step 2: Fulfill it
    Step 3: Share your work on some of the top portals facebook, twitter, linkedin etc.
    Your job is done now !
    Everything will happen organically now.
    you will have direct traffic, organic traffic, Search engines will pick up your pages .
    This is called Organic Marketing
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      Yuppo Kim. that's still the way its done. Good answer.
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    More Unique content with less keyword density is the best revenge from Google..
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    Private High Page Rank Blog Network
    Learn the secrets to growing your Youtube Channel!

    - Feel free to private message me about anything. I love to help people and you are definitely no exception!
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      I plan on using video marketing a lot this year.. creating video sitemaps for youtube videos helps with search indexing and can help get your videos found much quicker. The way things are going, it looks like creating quality content is what google wants to see.
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    I dont think you can define "the best seo" but basically you are right about wikis and those sort of links.. videos are hot for sure, and the whole sphere is moving toward genuine, natural linking.
    "Aiyyo I'm gonna be on ti-dop, that's all my eyes can see..
    Ill put in work, and watch my status escalate"
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    Yeah I think Video Marketing is going to be the big thing in 2013. I also think it can be a big money waister. You can spend a lot of cash and not get the necessary mileage out of video marketing

    Yvideo is all about making money with video. Whiteboard Videos, Video SEO, and Hosting Video

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    link from the high authority sites will give best result for seo work
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    Unique and original content and quality backlinks from related sites.
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      I'm not saying anything new or that you haven't heard of before but diversity is the name of the game. Of-course I don't mean forum links or garbage links of any sort but links from various sources such as video sites, high authority sites, guest blogs, social sites and more.

      I agree that the "best" links if you can call them this way is from high authority sites with high PR and traffic which are related to your niche/topic, when the best kind of link is a contextual link.

      Again, nothing new here but that's just my thought after reading here and there

      Good Luck to us all this year!
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    Guest blogging is the link building strategy which is going to rule 2013. It have already shown its demand and the demand is increasing everyday.
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    which link building tools are you using ?
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    I think, Video Promotion and Social Signals will be important for SEO 2013.
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    My tactic is very similar to yours.

    - quality content, updated on a daily basis. Tip: I also encourage my visitors to share it on their social profiles. Google will pay even more attention to social signals in 2013.

    - guest blogging. I write a lot. I am constantly in search for a new and quality blogs which accept guest posts. Tip 1 - use co citations in your articles. If your content isn't strongly connected with your anchor Google it value it less than it valued before Panda update. Tip 2- Use "I " a lot. That way you will personalize your article more, which will give you higher authority, especially if the content is very informative. Tip 3 - quality over quantity. Try to find great blogs related to your niche. If you have a real estate niche, your article about SEO with real estate keyword in your anchor simply won't be valued highly from Google. I've tested it. Either you will write an article about real estate or you will write something like "SEO+RE" article...for example "Top SEO Tips for real estate website" . Tip 4 Take a closer look about the blog on website you want to write a guest post. Sometimes website can have a great PR and a lot of inbound links, but blog has a low value because of not spreading the link juice. Don't just rely on a PR for a home page. I also suggest to check website in Open site Explorer in the "compare metrics" section. Sometimes people just make big network of their own blogs and link to each other. For example, the website can have 100 linking root domains, but if they all are coming from 7 or 10 C blocks (which can be checked in a "compare link metrics" ) thart website is less value than other who has 50 linking root domains but from 40 c blocks. Bootom line - you need to check a lot of things. Maybe it seems like a waste of time, but believe me, quality over quantity. I know many people would trade their hundreds of submissions on a various directories for one submited in Dmoz. I will repeat for the third time - qualituy over quantity. Same goes for guest blogs as for the directories.

    - video marketing: great way to promote and to gain more backlinks. again, quality over quantity. great "onsite video SEO" is important but if you don't stand out from the crowd with some creative and easy-to-remember video clip, no one would share it. Instead of making hundreds rehashed videos per day, make one, but unique and worthy.

    - beside these three methods (quality content marketing with social signals, guest blogging, video marketing) you can diversify your backlinks with various methods such as low valued (but still needed because of diversifying) forum posts, blog comments, etc.

    “You can automate everything except content and relationships.”

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    if we new what was going to be important then we would never need to wory about Google and algorithm changes but the reality is we do not know what they are going to do. The only way to protect yourself if through a private network.
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    You have shared some useful info with us.
    I believe your tips are enough to get good page rank.
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    I do agree with you on certain points that you have made on your post!

    I would also like to suggest that diversifying your backlink profile will be key to ranking. Because it will look 'Natural' to Google robot. So I will not stress on any particular type of link building but will build backlinks from various relevant sites/source for natural diversification which will surely include the social signals as well.
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