Leapfrogging Competitors on Page 1?

by edyang
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I have some new clients in very competitive niches where their competitor's websites have aged domains with 21,000 backlinks and high domain authority.

They are impatient and expect results yesterday. I've been trying to tell them that the only way we'll ever leapfrog their advantage gained from such a head start is to create great content on their websites and do link building to those sub-pages rather than try and use brute force links to their homepage.

However, they aren't listening and take more than 45 days to implement the great copy that we provide.

Does anyone have any insights on tactical strategies newer sites can use to leapfrog established competitors on Page 1?


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    There are tons of ways you can push content and cause a site to go "viral" in order to push their way to the top of google instantly, but that wont be cheap nor will it be fast enough from what it sounds like.

    In my opinion you should sell them PPC management while working their way up organically.
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    There is one way to rank a Keyword on top or atleast first page of Google within a day. It's the most white-hat method, just underused. It's a property other than youtube which google loves link from.

    For more guidance or service to rank the keyword via that method, PM.

    Once again, the main site will not be on top [impossible and black-hat] but we can rank the keyword + URL via the method i talked.

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    You tube video might rank, but how would a home page would rank in one day?

    three great FREE tools - www.sitebeak.com, www.GAtective.com and www.impersonal.me

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    Unless highly respected high PR same niche sites linking 'naturally' to your client's site, I don't see how they can leapfrog such entrenched competition. It does happen when an established offline brand decides to move to the web. I'm not sure about 45 days though. Seems like quite a tall order.
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