Lightbulb What cheap SEO-services could give my site a small push upwards?

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Help me out here guys...

I work as a freelancer and my website has been number one in national google for several years.
Now after Panda & Penguin I've been pushed down to forth place and that means no customers at all for me. Haven't made a dollar the last 2 months.

So... I guess I could wrestle my way back up again, but I really feel I'm not in the right headspace to start learning the current SEO-techniques and spend months fiddling with that.
I currently try to focus my mind on learning other business-ideas.

The 3 sites that have passed me is wikipedia and two lame "government"-sties (not .gov domains) that does no SEO whatsoever.
My site has been shifting up and down between 1-4 for about a year, but have now settled on 4:th position in the SERPS. But the up and down suggests to me that there is almost an even tie between the four sites at the top.

I figure that all that I need is a small SEO-boost and that is likely to do the trick in this situation.

So what I wonder is...

What services would you recommend that could give me a small push up again?

- I'm almost broke now so the services have to be cheap.
- I'd like to pay a one-time fee rather than monthly.
Something on Fiver maybe?

Can you guys recommend a couple of services that could help?
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