Exact keyword match URLS - IF it google cracked down on it??

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If googles supposedly cracked down on it ...
Then why am I number 1 to 3 on almost everyone.
Let me say this though--- they are pretty long tail keyword Urls but competition on these sites is medium to high and have an exact match monthly search of 500 or better.
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    Since I own ALOT of exact keyword match Urls I was scared that I would see a huge drop Let me add ... None of them have ANY back links. What I did was buy a URL in each surround city So anyone looking for a wedding venue in their town or city would see me. I tried to optimized pages within my main site to rank BUT this technique seems to be working wayyyy better. For the most part the sites are like 3 pages each one with unique content and a gallery of my plantation which I rent out.
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    Google's Penguin update, I believe, was the update that messed up the ranking of EMD domains. However if you're one of the only sites that rank for these keywords, then most likely you'll still rank for those keywords.
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    I think penguine update hitted you.
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      Definitely it was EMD update from Google for the domains which has exact match domain with the keywords. Google has hit those exact match websites which has low user experience and poor quality content.
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    I have still got some of my exact match domains ranked for target keywords. SO, I guess it still works.
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    I looked at surrounding cities and just starting running some tests. I bought Slidell wedding venues - Albany Plantation and Hammond Wedding Venues - Albany Plantation just 2 examples.. that way anyone looking for wedding venues in those towns can see my plantation and hopefully call me. Now before I did this I made pages on my main site like example.com/slidellweddingvenues and it didn't rank as good. Thats when I thought to myself ... maybe I should buy EMD and see if they work and SO FAR SO GOOD... They all have unique content and a picture gallery...
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