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Which one is best practice, backlinks to inner page or backlinks to home page? I am told by friend that backlinks to inner page will boost home page serp too but backlinks to homepage will effect only homepage.

Please guide.

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    I prefer inner pages mostly. Although, you can link to both home & inner page at the same time. Just be careful to not spam your homepage with anchor text (use branded links & url mostly)

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      Getting effective result build links for both homepage and inner page.

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    I would prefer both of them. As icemetikx said you may use both at the same time like in a forum signature you may use one anchor text having your home page and the second one having the inner page. Both should be given the same priorities as obviously they are a part of a same web site.
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      Its true that home page has highest authority, so its comparatively easier to rank it. But if you are targeting 50 keywords of a website, not all of them can land on index page.So my suggestion would be to rank dedicated page.

      Also, the bounce rate for index page will be very high.
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    Hi memon421!

    Basically, linking is all about variation and density. Therefore, you have to have links from your home page and other inner pages. To increase variation and density, link your the pages to different set of exact match keywords, naked links, and brand links. In this way, you can rank your home page as well as your inner pages.

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    I have very simple reply for your post, Generate backlinks of that page which you want to promote, most of the site even every site started from home page for making some value of the site or you can say that to it authority site, but it always for promoting the page which want to promote.
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      Both are preferable. But where I am given to choose anyone, I choose home page. Increasing backlinks of your home page will gain trust to your domain. Domain trust is much important . If your home page serp improves, obviously your inner pages will gain juice from the home page.

      But, at the same time, don't forget about relevancy. Check out this:
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