Are Classifieds still good for SEO?

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Anybody of you is till using classifieds for SEO? Are they still effective to rank a website? Thanks
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    If your services are meant for local people, then might as well use classifieds sites. Otherwise, you're better off not doing it. Your ads can be removed.
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    Classifieds are like forums, it's better suited (IMO) for direct niche traffic, not SEO.
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      Originally Posted by yukon View Post

      Classifieds are like forums, it's better suited (IMO) for direct niche traffic, not SEO.
      That's true. I don't rely on Classifieds. I will even suggest you to drop the idea of Classifieds.
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    Yeah, classified ads are always removed after 45 days or so, so you'll literally never get an aged link, and you have to constantly be replacing them.

    All that for very little value, not worth it IMO.
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    This is good for local listing. A good source for "mentions" of your brand. Some classified ads allow you to extend your ad so just continue extending it.
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    yes, classified adds are best technique in seo to get back links it is very effecting for our keywords to make a high ranking.
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    In my views, it is no more effective after a specific period they become expire.
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      Originally Posted by rank90 View Post

      In my views, it is no more effective after a specific period they become expire.
      yes, they do expire.

      But, all you have to do is to log in and re-list your advertisement. In many cases you will even maintain the same url >> what leads to established aged backlink

      Espescially classified ads websites are great for:
      Selling pets;
      Adult ads;
      Selling mobile phones.

      As for seo, local classifieds are good to promote different products of ecommerce shops (if you can lead the links to the page of the promoted product).

      good luck,
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    It is better if you are offering services to the local audience.
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    I don't think classifieds are good for ranking. But, you can generate good traffic from them.
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    yes still am using classifieds it will help in keyword ranking. it is more effective. post in some good classifieds sites.
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    Even I'm planning to to do classified submission but the only issue is after few days you classified is removed by most of the portals.

    In short, it is just a temporary process of link building in my opinion.
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    Yes, classifieds are still very effective for lead generation and for search engine rankings. You see, search engines do consider citations of business, its reputation among users and credibility of business. classified websites gives you all this.

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    Definitely dear, classified sites are still useful for SEO which helps to generate your business to all over the world.
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    Classified is the best way to promotion but make sure services related website is best but only for local wise is best...
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    Do you mean like Craigslist? I have a review blog and when people sell their stuff on craigslist they link back to my review product. I'm not sure it helps with SEO but it certainly helps with getting free traffic and click throughs!

    It's not a campaign I actively pursue, I just link bait people to do the work for me =)

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  • Yeah classified expires for a period of time. Much better to divert your effort on building citation of local directories which is very helpful specially if you are hitting your local campaign.
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    Classifieds are good for seo but its old practice, What ever it is it gives you link to your site, And dont miss links from high pr sites
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  • You are welcome to try our Europe Classifieds service. It is totally free.

    See my signature.
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  • As long as it is a quality classified website and it is relevant to your business then YES you should use it.

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    This is fantastic for regional guests. An excellent source for "mentions" of your item. Some classified ads allow you to increase your ad so just continue improving it.
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    As Pat Flynn says: "Be Everywhere". Google is becoming better at recognizing your site being mentioned without even linking. Post some classifieds every once in a while, but dont make it your only focus! Diversity is key with SEO
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    Classifieds sites can be used for traffic but it is not helpful for SEO as after certain period your classifieds is deactivated..

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    Classified Ads are still good in SEO if done right...
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    Classifieds are very Good for Local sales. And ofcourse you can get good Seo for your website from some of the sites.
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    Well, I don't use classifieds sites at all, as ads are removed means your backlinks are removed and in SEO, if links are removed it gives bad impact.

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    If you wanna do Classifieds, try to post on high Quality sites like PR-3 + and go for country specific sites, which would give you maximum advantage.
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    So far i only trust on craigslist that will really able to reach your client and make money .
    If for SEO , it still help but the weight is low .
    Low and less content with advertise purpose, Google will only give a low weight on it .
    But what I found is most of the banner i submit together with my classified post , do get found easily in image search instead on text search result.
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    They are still working very good for local and global businesses, Classified can be used mainly for driving traffic for the website, but ensure to have quality list of websites for submissions which is more important from Google point of view.
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    I use classified ads websites to drive traffic to other websites and still working very well for me!
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    If your business is targeted on your local people, then it will be fine using Classifieds to advertise about your products or services. I am using Classifieds for my SEO and it doing not bad.

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    Yes, Classifieds are still effective for seo. These are very useful to promote the website as they get posted immediately and can generate sales queries in a couple of hours. Classified Ads are posted on Resources which already have traffic and have a lot of people refer them for quality products and services.
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  • Any backlink from a good source is welcome.

    So a clever backlink from classified ads website is good. Nothing special.
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    Of course classifieds are good for SEO, anyways what we need is TRAFFIC as primary goal, not a statistic high number.
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    yes classified are best for SERP
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    Depending upon your business and you doing it by using different sales pitch lines in description column and unique titles and also from verified email account. Do register always when doing classified submission. Fill your complete profile, it will look more genuine.
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    Classifieds Are The Part Of SEO Techniques And Still Working To Generate Traffic And Quality Of Backlinks for The Website.
    Signature -

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    If you are providing services at local level then you can get a huge amount of traffic from classifieds websites.
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  • Well you can still get direct traffic from it but not really good SEO-wise.
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    Yes it's still good. I post everyday, but when I stopped for a few days I think it brought my listing up higher through the S.E.O. spiders. I was getting a lot of calls from people who searched through Google.
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    hello friend,

    classified posting can hardly help to optimize ranking as many of them are nofollow. Also, there are only few classifieds that permits to place links within ads. But classifieds posting are much fruitful for free publicity. I would suggest do more for traffic like forum posting, blog posting,, micro blogging, guest post etc. thanks
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