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I'm really confused about the difference between a Google Places page and a local G+ page. They are the same, but they are also not the same. For example, I create a Places page with an account and set everything up. But when I go to Google Plus with that account I can create 'another' page for that local business and have to fill everything in again, including the verification process (by postcard)!

So which one of these two pages are more important, which one will show up in SERP for local searches? Help is appreciated! Apparently, it's not a complete merging process.

FYI, the instructions on how to create a local G+ page was found here:
Create a local Google+ page - Google+ Help

Also, with a G+ page you can edit different things than the usual Places information. I can't seem to change or add categories for the local business, but you can add your website URL which then needs to be verified with a Webmaster Tool account so the two can be linked together.

I think this is all quite strange. Do I have to repeat the process of setting up Google Places pages all over again with G+ pages?
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