Squidoo, Hub Pages, and Blogger for Link Building - A Discussion

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At the risk of sticking my head in the lion's mouth, I'd like to promote a discussion on this topic... once again.

I've been reading posts about the wisdom of using sites like Squidoo, Hub Pages, and Blogger for building revenue sites and about whether or not they are useful for link building, or what magical formula to use, blah, blah, blah. Most of the posts seem anecdotal, wisdom regurgitated from some other post, or just plain outdated.

Can I get some of you to post your own recent experiences? Anyone else out there testing the waters with regard to these sites? Please if it's not your own experience, don't post it.

I'll get it rolling with the results I've experienced over the past couple months. I've been systematically posting articles to eight web2.0 properties and monitoring the results. The most consistent results I've received are from Squidoo and Blogger.
  1. When I post a properly optimized article on Squidoo or Blogger, that article appears in the Google serps for title keywords within days, sometimes literally overnight. If there are 30k-50k serps, it typically shows up in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd page. If it's a more competitive keyword, they'll show up in the first 10 or so pages.
  2. If I out source the building of a few hundred backlinks to those articles over the course of a couple weeks, they move nicely into 1st or 2nd pages for Google. For low competitive keywords they'll take the top of the page.
  3. I rarely put in more than one out going link to a target site in an article. That link will show up as a backlink for the target site usually within a couple weeks. Sometimes a matter of days. Does that mean the site is getting credited for the link? I don't know, you tell me.
  4. I'll post 30-40 articles in this manner for one target site. The sites and internal pages I target will get indexed and start moving up in serps within a couple weeks. For keywords with low competition, say 30k-70k serps the pages will move to the top of Google and Bing without a problem.
  5. The jury is out on highly competitive keywords. I don't work in those markets. Will cranking up the number of articles and backlinks to them have the same effect ? In don't know, you tell me.
The articles I post are high quality. No spun content. I either write them myself or out source them to a trusted source. If you do that, don't think for a minute you'll get a quality 500 word article for $5. If it's a good targeted article, it will drive traffic of it's own to the target site and will represent the kind of post Google and Bing both want to see. Most of my articles on Squidoo, Blogger, and Hub Pages, get several hundred page views a week. But despite that, they'll get slapped down if Hub Pages or Squidoo don't like what the articles link too, so use caution. Avoid linking directly to a lead generation page. I've had both Squidoo and Hub Pages suspend pages for that. Blogger doesn't seem to care.

In my experience posts to Squidoo and Blogger get indexed and credited to the target sites far faster than any blog network I could build. They have real content, not spun crap or low quality articles kicked out of a $3 service. Are they a pain in the ass to work with? Sure they are, Blogger is more forgiving than Squidoo and Hub Pages, but it's their aggravating TOS that keeps the quality high and the search engines serving up their content.

So.. will anyone else offer to tip their hand a bit and talk about their experience?
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    Very useful post!
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    This is really nice and helpful guide. I have posted only one article on squidoo for my one of the blog. I made only few backlinks to it and it reach to PR2. Well PR nothing to do with ranking. But still its good for experiments. I ranked my targeted page to 15th page in google and in yahoo and bing i am ranking on page 3 so it was really good experience....
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      Bummer - I was really hoping we could start a discussion on this topic and share some real experiences. I'm so tired of reading generic opinion posts with no data to back them up.

      I offered some real life data here to help those still struggling to understand how to approach SEO or what still works.

      Nobody wants to add to it ?
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        I have been using squidoo for 6 years. It's a gold mine
        for link building. I am level 70+, however, and take
        it seriously.

        If more people knew about blogger, or should I say,
        used blogger, they would be quite surprised. "More"
        referring to people here. The rest of the world seems
        to already know how useful having blogspot blogs is.

        I build squidoo lenses for backlinking and making money.
        What could be better than getting paid each month,
        and get backlinks at the same time?

        I connect squidoo lenses with my dot coms. The dot coms
        also have a companion blogger, as well as twitter.

        Those 3 things are an awesome combination.

        Thing is, you won't get much out of this thread. People would
        rather buy 10,000 forum profiles on fiverr than spend 30
        minutes creating a lens.

        I have never used hub. If I had more time, I might give it
        a go. People should pick a couple of things and be consistent.

        I can't think of a more easier, lethal combination than squidoo,
        blogger, and twitter.


        If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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          Thanks Paul -

          I have to say I've done very little with Twitter. I view it as more a social connection rather than one that can benefit B2B e-commerce, which is my market. How are you using Twitter effectively if I may ask?

          I'd say don't bother with Hub Pages if Blogspot and Squidoo are working for you. Their ToS is so heavy handed and actions so inconsistent, I find I spend too much time fixing the things they have problems with.

          I think it's hugely hypocritical to suspend a Hub Page linking to an external site they tag as having a subject of low quality, while plastering my Hub Page content with advertisements for the same subject. They regularly suspend pages that link to lead generation sites and sites promoting popular affiliate programs.
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            Originally Posted by stig View Post

            Thanks Paul -
            How are you using Twitter effectively if I may ask?
            I have a "niche" twitter account for each dot com. Regular tweets of
            lenses, pages, blog posts, etc. Just adds more to your web footprint.

            Niche is in quotes because anything and everything related gets it.
            I even retweet my tweets on my other twitters. I don't abuse this,
            however. I tweet for each one about 3-4 times a week at the most.
            Not doing it constantly is the key. People find your twitter accounts
            and will look at your latest tweet. I like to leave each one up at
            least 2 days, sometimes longer. There are times when I will tweet
            twice in one day on the same account, but only if it's something
            new that can't wait.


            If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    After much research and consultation with SEO warriors, I started my SEO campaign. The niche is in incredibly high competition and a gigantic back-linking campaign was required. However, I squared out three web 2.0 properties.
    1. Blogger
    2. Tumblr
    3. Wordpress

    I made a lens on Squidoo with original content but it is pain in ass, when the message appears "Duplicate content." So, I left this property.

    However, I attached one of my keyword's rank chart below. Believe me, the ranking is purely due to contextual links from high quality Web 2.0 properties. All the properties have 4 -5 articles of +650 words.

    For this particular keyword, I only made less than 10 backlinks and from no where to 2nd page rank in less than one month. I am not hurrying to make links but making 2 links weekly. I have not tested each web 2.0 property but from the above-mentioned three properties, I have really gained ranking and off course incredible success.
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    Nice - Slazengeer, thanks for contributing. What kind of serps are you battling for those positions ?
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      Originally Posted by stig View Post

      Nice - Slazengeer, thanks for contributing. What kind of serps are you battling for those positions ?
      The keyword has high competition in SERPs. All the competitor's websites are well optimized and the keyword is a general drug term, so Wikipedia and some authority sites are domination first 4 positions. My client used various SEO techniques, which failed courtesy of Google updates. So my work is to break into first page through quality and careful back-linking.
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        Sorry Slazengeer, what tool did you use for getting the Google position sequence?
        Thanks in advance.
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    Paul - Are your dot coms consumer oriented ? Just wondering how you get followers on Twitter. Does the subject matter have wide interest ?

    I ask because a few of my dot com B2B sites have pretty scarce traffic for any particular keyword. For example, not a lot of consumers out there give a rats ass about Web Inspection Systems for the paper industry. I've struggled to see how to use Twitter for that. The target customers are old school, they use the Internet to find product, but are stymied by much more.
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    Cool. Do you backlink the Web 2.0s and if so which methods do you use and how quickly do you build those backlinks and in what kind of quantity?

    I have been an active member of The Six Figure Mentors since early 2011 where I actively mentor others in the promotion and sales of high ticket products using the latest online and offline marketing strategies in addition to tried and tested classic strategies.

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      Yes, I've been using Backlink Indexer and feeding out backlinks to web2.0s at their lowest service rate of 1,500 per month.

      They also offer a web2.0 service but I wouldn't use that for money sites since I can't control the post quality. But I thought about using that service and split testing it with my web2.0 posts to compare results.

      Does anyone know of a service that will create quality web2.0 posts? I'm not talking about spun content on questionable web2.0s, but rather well written posts to the likes of Squidoo, Tumbler, Stumbleupon, Blogspot, etc.
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        Well here's my two cents:

        Squidoo works in terms of ranking lenses, especially when your topic is not saturated on Squidoo (and they are good for backlinks too).

        Hubpages - site is in trouble - they "idle" new hubs for 24 hours after you publish with a noindex tag, and woe beside you if the Googlebot visits the page before the noindex tag is lifted - it won't come back for a revisit for at least a month, which means your hub won't get indexed for that month.

        Blogger - can be good, but beware them deleting blogs for being overly promotional or whatever - if you've put in work backlinking them, it can sting.

        Some of the newer web2.0s do well too - see below:

        Zujava statistics - everything you wish to know
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