Do you use a Fiverr strategy?

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So the general consensus is that Fiverr is only for garbage content and can not help you at all. I am sure there will be a few comments on this thread telling me to stay away from Fiverr yadda yadda yadda.

However, I believe if you build a strategy through fiverr you can effectively outsource your SEO for next to nothing.

Does anyone put together different fiverr gigs in order to build an effective SEO strategy? If so, what do you do?
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    I would use fiverr gigs if ONLY I need something very small (as a project!), for example visitors, social media activity (likes, followers), but I don't think that for example any1 will "give" me 5000 followers for $5.00 // I'm talking about a tweet for example from a profile with 100,000+ followers

    For SEO -> do NOT use!!!

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    Buy a VPS with tools on it. Might cost you $70 a month. You could easily build the equivalent of $700 worth of Fiverr gigs on it if you have it running 24/7 with shiz.

    If your really pushed for money, offer gigs on Fiverr and once you pay back your $30, $50 or $70 investment of money, turn off your gigs and use it to rank your own stuff.

    I use BHSVPS, link on my site if your interested. Good luck dude.

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