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I pretty new here so sorry for maybe a stupid question:
I understand that social media is the most important tool for SEO in 2013 and have been for a while.
I would like to know how you do this. I know facebook and twitter is important and other site as well, but creating an twitter account and just start tweeting cant be enough? Or creating a facebook page and start posting?

In addition to all my questions I have another "problem": While building up some business that I'm not sure what will result in I would like to protect personality from friends an colleges. How do you get likes and retweets without asking your friends?

Hope someone here can take some time and help me out with these questions.
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    Social Media For SEO 1 - I usually ask my clients to add Google Plus authorship to their blog, More G+ votes => Better Ranking.

    Google Plus account can be related to your FB, Twitter accounts by adding them to your g+ account.

    More Likes//Shares(important)/Tweets/G+ - > You may rank better. If you have more likes/shares by people in your niche. You may start by adding social media buttons to your pages.

    One way of getting followers is you following more people in your niche. Most of them would follow you back if you have some thing for them.
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    Yes, creating an twitter & facebook account and start tweeting/posting is the first step. Additionally you can do the following
    1)You can consider spending a fixed amount of time everyday.
    2)you can connect twitter and facebook to your website to push all the updates
    3) focus on google+ , but there is no automation tools available - you may need to manually post
    4) use social sharing buttons on your website

    You purpose with social media should be to connect & engage with your potential visitors/customers. This is what will result in success with social media.
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    use google +
    create fb page
    create twitter account
    create pinterest account
    create linkedin account
    create youtube account
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      Thanks all for lots of input.
      I'll start tweeting, following and creating pages on facebook and google+.

      I now see that Google+ allows pseudonyms, so I will have a look at this.
      Anyone know if it is possible to get Google Authorship to a pseudonym for some articles/blogs and a realname for other?
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        There are some more special tools for social media such as
        • Google rich snippet with Google plus account
        • Facebook apps, likes, shares and insight
        • Twitter mention, retweets and generate favorites
        If you still using performing on social media and doing these thing but getting no help on sales or even very less traffic so stil there you need to make more interaction and have to use right way that increase communication level with your social sites. There is a blog that you can follow to create SMO strategy -
        How to Attract Twitter and Facebook Users to Improve Business Sales? | Outshine Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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    Originally Posted by EndreS View Post

    I understand that social media is the most important tool for SEO in 2013 and have been for a while.
    Whomever told you that is someone you should stop listening to.
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    Social Media helps you get traffic and is very important if you want your site to make good business. Getting people to like your page/post is difficult as your page/post must have some useful content. Go for targeted traffic which will help you.
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