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I am working as a SEO expert for many years. My past clients include many small and mid companies. Some of them are Fortune 500 and List Companies.

I saw many people asked "How to do SEO in 2013". Now I am sharing some of my experience for all the webmasters.

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1 SEO on 2013 is really depending on your website or landing page PR. According to the Google panda update
Google Algorithm Change History | SEOmoz
and my experience. PR1, PR0, and new domain website cannot submit many back links to Article directory, Blogs, Business directory, and profiles. Because the website is new, there is no way got many back links. No matter each day 5, or 1. That will be soon to be put into sand box by google.

2 Forget about the Unique Article Wizard, Social Monkee, Article ranks. This kind of service will hurt your keyword ranking if your website is new. If your website PR is 4 above, that will be no problems to use these kind of service. PR3 below will be punished by google.Somebody asked the Social Monkee will hurt the website SERP or not. The answers are quite different. Some got hurt, but some don't. The reason is the website PR.

3 New website not allow to submit many back links to article directory, and business directory, because google don't like this kind of back links.

So how to do link building if your website is new, or PR is 0,1,2 ?

1 Focus on your location of search engine. is the highest competitive search engine, and so easy to be punished. I highly suggest focus on local search like, and so on.

2 Submit 2 articles to EZine in the first 3 months. Don't submit too much. No use for ranking

3 Submit 1 PRweb press release, if you get enough budget. If you don't have, try free press release, Don't submit too many free press release also.

4 Focus on the new site back links Authority not back links numbers. 5 or 6 high authority backlinks for each url is quite enough.

5 Don't use the Wordpress Robot to auto generate the website contents, please write some unique 500 words contents for each landing page of the website. The whole website must have at least 16 pages. Don't even think one page will stick on the first page. One page website using adsense to earn money will be punished. The one page contents website will be in the sandbox after 2 or 3 months.

6 Submit your website to google maps, and link your website to social media like facebook, twitter, and google plus. The more followers in this social media, the better.

7 Don't use the SENuke to whatever link building, no matter 1 layer, 2 layers, link wheel, if the site PR is PR3 blow. Because Google not stupid to recognize these bulk spam links.

SEO Links Building Stages For New Website
Stage 1: Social Media. Focus on the followers
Stage 2: Press Release submission
Stage 3: Hot keyword relevant forum submission.Focus on 3.Don't spam the forum.
Stage 4: Article directory. Focus on Ezine, Squidoo, and hubpages
Stage 5: Blogs, using, blogspot, and weebly are quite enogugh.
Stage 6: High PR profile submision. Focus on the high authority website like MS, Adobe, and Flicker. Don't do too many profile back links. control it less than 20 for each url.
P.S: Mixed backlinks for each url, don't do it all the same.
Stage 7: put your website url to some high PR website.
Stage 8: Update your website contents for 2 times per week.
Stage 9: Waiting for the PR increase.
For local search engine, you can submit too many social bookmarks for each of your website URL.However, don't do this in the

I opened the high quality resources in fiverr for webmasters who want to get both high authority, and high pr back links. Check my signature PR9 Backlinks. The service will stop at any time if I don't want my staffs to do this. For fun and test market only.
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    awesomeeee article dude...:
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    I want to employ you to work for all my competitors :-)
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    Thanks dude... nice info btw.
    Google really a killer since panda and penguin updates...
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      yes, I agree with you. Google is really a killer, especially for the new website. I used same SEO strategy for my clients' website. The new site always got be punished by google, but high pr site always not influenced. That's why I know new site SEO and high pr site SEO is quite different.New site SEO must focus on the PA back links.
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    I believe matt cutts watching our thread right new hehehehe
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  • Some interesting observations but not sure if link building will place a new PR-0 site into sandbox. I have been gradually building links to one of my new site and even though it is still PR-0 its effective PR is much higher as traffic to this site is steadily increasing as it rises in SERPs. Going overboard with linking even on older sites will hurt you but organic link building still works whether your site is new or old, PR0 or PR4.
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      Originally Posted by Toyota Hilux Dealer View Post

      Some interesting observations but not sure if link building will place a new PR-0 site into sandbox. I have been gradually building links to one of my new site and even though it is still PR-0 its effective PR is much higher as traffic to this site is steadily increasing as it rises in SERPs. Going overboard with linking even on older sites will hurt you but organic link building still works whether your site is new or old, PR0 or PR4.
      For new site, you may see the keyword ranks going up, if large number of backlinks have built. You forgot one thing, ranking going up is Google Robot task, but ranking drop is not robot, that's Google spam team task. Human always slower than robot. They may not reactive and drop the website so fast, but they will do it.

      I always suggest my clients focus on the high PA links if the website is new.

      I list down some service will hurt your website, if your website is new, and the PR is 3 below. The first 1 or 2 months will never see the ranking drop. You can see the ranking going up opposite. However, after 3 months, all the website keywords ranking are gone, and website go to the sandbox. If you don't believe me, you can try and see the results after 90 days.

      Warning to any web master: If your website PR is 3 blow, don't use this list down service to submit the back links. Ranking will drop after 3 to 4 months.
      1 Unique Article Wizard.
      2 Article Ranks
      3 Wordpress Auto Posting Robot : (once detected by google, whole website will send to sandbox immediately)
      4 Social Monkee : Never ever using this service to submit your landing pages. Submission allowed for article directory links, profile links, and press release links only. If you are using this social monkee to submit the landing page. Ranking will going up in the first 30 days, but will suddenly drop after 30 days. The most serious thing, ranking will never going up.
      5 SENuke
      6 X rumer
      7 scrapebox

      All of these service or software are got positive results for PR4 website and above. PR3 below websites will get punished by google.

      These service and software are good, but remember the site quality is first priority task, not back links numbers.

      Matt Cutts already share his command in his own twtter: The new website has 1 month to 1 year observation time.

      Large number of back links building to increase keywords ranking not means google let the website pass. It's just means google haven't punished the website. Soon they are going to do it.

      Don't forget one thing: Google put a lot investment on social media. The back links effort will drop in the ranking factors.
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    I saw some people like use link exchange to increase the website PR. Don't do this, if you are doing SEO.
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    I got one question from a webmaster asked me the new website is safe for using some profile links.
    The answer is depending on the main website page authority. The link quality also very important. If webmaster build 1000 back links, all of them are profiles, that will absolutely be penalized by google.
    So the back links must mixed with all kind of websites, not just profiles.
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    Your post is really very big and sorry to say that I have to leave it in the middle. I guess SEO is same in 2013 as it was in 2012. Doing it genuinely is what matters, i.e. Manually go for niche related backlinks.
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