Can anyone tell me, what happened to my website?

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I have a website "" that was really ranking well in the search engines like 50 % of keywords in top 10 and 30% in top 20 in SERP till 2 Jan-2013. First , this site was penalized dated 8 Oct -12 due to EMD updates whenever EMP updates released then recover perfect-ally in dated 1 Dec-12.

Now, what happened again from 3 Jan - 2013, so that i was lost ranking in Search Engine Google, not available till 100 results ( 10 pages) of Google.

I can't get a straight answer from my side and I don't know really what happened and what to do. I'd appreciate any help I can get.
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    Many people got huge difference in their results after 2nd Jan. I would say that it could be a google dance. I would suggest you to wait for a while. Also check the backlinks you have created, whether they were manually built or from a software. As far as Google updates are concerned, there is no update in January 2013 until now.
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    There was an update on December 21, but not too sure after that. I was expecting a site that was not so nice. From a quick check your backlink profile does not look bad. Did you do too many comments? I did see some, but you didn't go with a huge package of them or anything?
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    there are only some reasons :

    1. EMD update just redraw the authorithy given by domain name so you have lost some privilegies that you had before

    2. Over optimization on keyword : this is much complicated to explain here , is about on page seo, keyword stuffing especially

    3.Anchor links built on main keywords .. This is out of discussion , i have checked you with Ahrefs Site Explorer and is ok.

    4. Duplicate content on site . Check this : Copyscape search results for:

    5. One big problem is your links on deindexed sites. You have lost all the power of that links . One example which Ahrefs says it is your main backlink as authorithy was deindexed . Check this in Google : . I guess this is your answer..

    If you need good links skype me and i will put you back on tracks... )

    These ones comes my mind right now...You have to know better what you have done...

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    Kind of over optimization of back link with targeted keyword (EMDs following this strategy are penalized even though they have few such links) . There is no anchor text diversity since around 95% of do follow links are using just the one keyword.

    You can build links from social bookmarking, directory submission, web 2.0 with keyword+some other words. Build some links by direct linking i.e. not using an anchor text, or some other keyword.
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    It may be because you had many spammy links created from some black hat methods. The recent panda update penalizes it. Better use some manual white hat backlinks from high PR websites. This would help.
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