Rank forum threads highly in google? [Backlinks/Social votes etc]

by raidon
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I had an idea after seeing a few things recently.

Often when I post questions or create threads on a number of forums, I often find them ranking on page 1 in a matter of minutes for longer tailed keywords, due to Google constantly indexing them and because of the domains high authority.

This leads me to think, how effective is it to create a forum thread about your product per say, starting it and being conversational throughout it - however way you want to do it.

Essentially the original post etc would be very well optimized (keywords, etc) and then the idea is to build backlinks/social votes etc for it.

Doesnt this count exactly the same way as getting a good blog post on a very high quality blog with say a DA of 90+ Google indexess the blog and the content pushes through the serps rapidly, especially if there are 2/3 tier links built to the post page. These forums are open to post freely, and google seems to index them just the same way..

Just wondering how effective this has been for other people? Any good tips?

It's certainly something that cant be saturated, so information can be shared freely

Look forward to hearing more..
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    I would suggest one other factor to explain why those posts are showing up in rankings . . .

    Nobody is really trying to rank for that keyword

    There's no way that someone building out a keyword on a site won't blast past a forum post with just a little bit of smart work. So if those posts are ranking, and if you think they are good keywords (meaning people are searching for that term), then I'd definitely suggest targeting the keyword. But not in a forum. That's just not going to produce good, long term results.
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    Why would you build links to somebody elses domain. It's like those people who build Squidoo pages and spend 10-hours manually building links to it. If they'd just spend the same amount of time on their own domain, then perhaps they'd achieve something.

    Just got back from a #BrightonSEO. I was given room 404 in the hotel I stayed at. Couldn’t find it anywhere!

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