Is This Landing Page Compliant With Adwords?

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Hey Guys,
Recently decided to get back in the PPC game, and had a question about Landing pages. I have a pilot jobs site (paid membership), and have created several landing pages for it, check them out here:

Pilot Jobs in Texas

Texas Pilot Jobs

Can anyone who has experience with Adwords give me some guidance as to whether or not these pages are "ok" with them? I have not submitted anything to adwords, as I want to be absolutely sure they are compliant. Thanks.

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  • Rvrabel2002,

    In my opinion I think these would be fine for Adwords. It looks like you have a decent amount of content on there. You may want to put a contact us link somewhere at the top of the page or simply put your business contact information somewhere above the fold as text (not an image). Google likes it when business info is easy to find for users.

    You could also read through Google’s standards for landing pages,

    Understanding landing page experience - AdWords Help

    Hope that helps,

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    Anyone else have any input/feedback?


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    Maybe - are you selling something? If so disclose that with a "products" tab for navigating there. You also need a way for them to get to the home page and 'Contact Us'.

    Actually - I think your home page is a pretty good target / landing page that AdWords would like.
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    I'd personally not put too many links on the landing page that lead to other pages. So unlike the 'Apply' and 'Email' links that lead to the same form, I'd do away with the 3 'Click here' links.

    You might want the 'Nor ready to Buy? Click here' link to just say 'Get a FREE Demo!'

    The, Visa logos etc appear out of place and are not really needed here.

    Just my 2c.

    - Vivek
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    As far as compliance goes yes it's fine. However, you do need to add a privacy policy.
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