I'm blocking Adsense ads like crazy, Please help me filter this crap!

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Hey warriors,

I have a site I'm trying to optimize the adsense ads on my site. I'm only using image rich banners (no text ads). I'm battling the free download spam ads that don't say what you're downloading and other persistent ads in niches that I want on my site but not the kinds of ads I'm seeing.

I've been researching this on and off for days now and I'm not finding any clear answers. Is there a way to choose the ads or accept the ads before they show up on my site? Basically I need to know how to really filter out the junk ads.

Also I've seen sites that have all their adsense banners colors always match the colors of the site. How do I get mine like that?

Thanks for helping out a fellow warrior,
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    You can not pick and choose which ads appear on your site. I've often found that image ads are bad for this for my own sites also. What you can do is filter ads that do appear so that they stop appearing, but thing with that is, as soon as you filter one out, another shitty ad arrives in its place. Your nich could also have something to do with it.
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    You can not choose ad for urself but you can easily reject any advertisers by going through ad review section in adesense
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      You will go crazy. So stop the madness.

      Block as little as possible. I only block categories.
      You can now do those for individual sites.

      You should allow text and image. Having only image
      limits the available ads. Not a good practice, unless you
      have all 3 ad blocks and only 1 is image only.

      The ads you see are not what everyone else sees.
      Everyone could see different ads.

      I decided a long time ago to just let google figure it out.

      They do a pretty darn good job. My income increased like
      10 fold when I stopped worrying about blocking each ad.

      Google is giving more and more personalized ads. You can't
      change those, as you don't know what people are seeing.

      You can only block so many anyway.

      You also need to tweak the signals for adsense if you think
      you are getting lousy ads.

      I concentrate on
      <h1>, and h2...etc.
      <b> bolded words. be very careful of the words you bold.
      General sentence, very top of the page. What are the first
      words of text that the googlebot sees?

      The adsense bot does not give much of a rip about plowing
      through hundreds of words in an article.

      Avoid using words that have multiple meanings in your title and
      h1. You will get ads all over the map.

      Don't make the mistake of trying to cram a whole bunch of keywords
      in the title and h1.

      More words only muddles the adsense bot.

      In the end, you always have to assume google has been at this
      for a very long time. They have a pretty good idea as to what ads
      to show someone.

      Use the default color scheme with a darker blue title.

      Concentrate on getting target visitors that YOU bring in.

      Each visitor is a human. They all eat, sleep, watch TV, go
      to movies, etc. A variety of ads is expected, just like the
      ads you see watching TV. If you watch the NFL, do you
      expect to see "football" ads? No. You will see ads that
      advertisers assume football fans will love. That runs the
      gamut from alcohol to trucks, and everything in between.

      If you had an NFL site, would you block a truck ad because
      it's not NFL related?

      And you should use 3 ad blocks.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    I tried the blocking of categories & even specific Ads in the past, I eventually said screw it & use the default settings where I'm not blocking a single thing. Still performing very well.

    The on-page text/title is where you need to make your adjustments. Ads are served per page text, not entire site.
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