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Hi everyone,

I wanted to take some time and explain how to SUCCEED in
buying traffic for CPA offers.

I've spent HOURS reading through people's frustrations and
feel the need to provide some insight and help.

This is all based on my experience and successes over the last
4 years online.

I'm pretty confident this will cause some controversy - but I'd
rather tell the TRUTH then give you some fabrication about how
easy it is to succeed online.

The REALITY is affiliate marketing is extremely difficult ... and
less then 1% make any money doing it.

So here's what you need to understand.

1.) In today's competitive marketplace ... YOU need to run offers
direct with advertisers and avoid networks. The reason being is
because most networks take 15 - 20% margins.

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Think about it this way ...

IF your competing against a network buying traffic for the same
offer on the same traffic platform like Traffic Vance for example,
the network has more spending power and will outperform you.
You can't compete - hence why most people in affiliate marketing

This 15 - 20% margin is many times the PROFIT of a campaign.

This is one way in the difference between success and failure in
buying traffic.

See How I Make $5,000 Per Day With Traffic

I've been doing affiliate marketing for the last 4 years ... AND
also am a product owner with my own offers. We focus primarily
on bizz opp and skin. The majority of our traffic we buy ourselves ...
but also have affiliates that work directly with us.

YOU need to pick "1" market ... master it - then find the owners of
the offer directly to succeed.

2.) You need to have the right tracking technology and tools. I've
had proprietary tracking technology developed for my company
so we can track and optimize our campaigns on a very granular
level. Without this, your chances of success in affiliate marketing
are DOOMED entirely. Again, just speaking honestly through

3.) If you wanna bank on google and bing to traditional weight loss,
skin and bizz opp offers - you need a cloaking solution. These
markets make the MOST money - and are the 50k / day campaigns
- but you need a cloaker to compete in today's marketplace on the
major PPC search engines.

This is a tool my team uses in house and essentially makes buying
traffic on Google very SIMPLE.

See How I Make $5,000 Per Day With Traffic

4.) You need to understand the market. The idea should be to stick
to one market ... perform due diligence through understanding WHERE
the most profitable media is being purchased - and then reverse
engineer the ENTIRE process.

This way your GUARANTEED to succeed when you launch your campaigns.

Think about it ... if you know the guy who is buying 2k worth of traffic
a day ... and make 100% ROI ... so making 2k profit ... and you know
his text ads, landing pages, offers, keywords, etc - and you take his
funnel but change a couple elements of it ... your GONNA make some
serious money.

This is how all the big players do it online - and how my company has
done it for years.

5.) Have a partner in your traffic business who knows what there
doing and can mastermind with you on your campaigns. IF you don't
have a second set of eyeballs - and eyeballs from someone with
experience to give you advice on how to turn a losing campaign
into a 6 figure / day campaign ... your gonna keep losing money.

I'm sorry to be so blunt - but you need to collaborate with people
succeeding to begin succeeding yourself. It's the law of business
and the universe.

SO ...

There are many other key ingredients to having a successful traffic
business for CPA offers.

My goal in 2013 is to connect with NEW marketers ... whether
newbies or advanced ....

I want to give back to the community ... and really help people

I'd love to connect with you and see how I can help you with
your business.

See How I Make $5,000 Per Day With Traffic

Feel free to comment on this thread ... send me a private message ...
or hit me up on skype at:


I wish you the best of success into 2013


Rock on
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