Google has already beat YOU down!

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I am just looking through the forum. Common observation: Everyone is terrified and scared to do anything because they think Google is like some man looking over their shoulder watching every single thing they do.

Google is a math problem. It's an algorithm.

Build good sites.

Build links between certain parameters (Don't overstep the mark).

Everything will be fine.

Remember you lose 100% of the shots that you dont take. I am actually pretty happy Google is making it harder for people to rank. The more people who dont start or get terrified or a paralysed by fear that they dont act, the more money i make.

It's that simple.

Whilst your scared im building tonnes of content/comissioning tonnes of content.

Buying up PR domains. Buying links. Building links 24/7 with tools.

I am starting to make bank doing this. It's not even hard. The fear is what is ******* with everyone and the mental masturbation of trying to worry about every little thing.

So here is my tip of the day.. you know enough already. Get off your arse and do something

Source: 5-figure month affiliate in competitive industry.

Your welcome!
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