are social bookmark links penguin friendly?

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simple question..

are social bookmarks links penguin friendly?
it would make sense that they are, considering the update seems to focus on Social networking, twitter, blogs, and user experience.

but i know they are a large part of 'pre penguin' SEO tactics... so was wondering how google is currently seeing them.

any help would be great !

thanks guys
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    Yes if your pulish it on quality websites.
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    when you say quality websites.. how do you mean? quality social bookmark sites yeah?
    could you name a few of the better ones? i know of loads, but i dont use them personally so have no idea which ones are best..
    i assume reddit and stumbleupon etc are the better ones right?
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    High Authority sites like Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, Diigo, Reddit, etc. are good and will help you get some traffic to your site.
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    thanks guys
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    Yes they are penguin-friendly, but obviously won't be if abused.

    Try to share useful sites other than your own, and some pure entertaining content posts at times as well so you can capture more traffic interest and not let the moderators feel like you're a spammer.
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    If the bookmarking website has good quality and you can post your post URL with quality, I cannot find any reason that will lose your ranking in search engine.
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    well that depends on how you are going to use and what site you are going to use. if you're referring on high quality sites like reddit, digg, delicious, tagza, connotea and other old but reliable SB. and therefore its a yes.
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    They only are if they get voted to the "front page" imho. Why would a thin content bookmark page linking to your website be of any value? The only way I see it is if ugc in the forms of user comments and ratings/votes kick in.
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    I think all social bookmarks are penguin friendly. Google loves social, so they would love social bookmarks. They always have a positive affect on my sites whether or not they are popular sites or not that I bookmark them on. Granted more low quality sites are needed vs high quality sites in order to have an affect.
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