For how long should I purchase a domain?

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Does it matter if I purchase a domain name for 1 year or a few years?
How does Google refer to that parameter, SOE wise?

If buying a domain for 1 year does'nt have a positive effect, does it have a negative effect?

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    It doesn't matter.
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    It's a good question. So far, I haven't seen any difference in ranking between domains that are being renewed on a yearly basis, and those that have been paid for several years in advance.
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    I remember awhile ago reading that if you bought a multi-year domain registration it sends a message that you're building a "real" site that you're planning on being around for awhile. With that said, I only purchase one year domains except for my core business site and haven't seen anything to make me believe the length of the registration actually makes a difference.
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    I just do 1 year. Gives me a year to see how well it performs and to see if I eventually lose interest.

    Obviously if I get bored with it, I don't wanna have the domain for another few years.
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    I only buy for one year and then if I want it for longer renew it and if I don't want it just remove all of my content off it and let it go.
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    I also buy for one year. Doesn't really make much difference if you purchase for 5 years or just the 1 year. You can always renew later on.
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    For SEO, a nonissue. But it sure can save you quite a bit of money, not
    to mention the hassle of renewing every year.

    My first domain in 1997, I paid for 10 years. I did not know anything.
    I thought a dot com was cool, and wanted to lock it in for a long time.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    No need to purchase for more than a year, as you can always renew.
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      Thanks for all the replies.
      I understand why it doesn't make sense to buy a domain for more than 1 year, I wanted to make sure if there's a negative effect to the SEO side.
      I guess not ... :-)
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    The time limit doesn't matter. If you purchase a domain you should work ahrd n it and try to monetize it.
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