Please share anchor text strategies for link-building post panda and penguin?

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Hi guys please share anchor text strategies for link-building post panda and penguin? :rolleyes:
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    It's pretty simple. Just use loads of differant anchor texts. Imagine you were a user of your site. What anchor texts would you naturally use? Brain storm some ideas of what anchor texts you may use then you have your list. If it looks natural you will have no issues.

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    but! I want to ask about keywords ratio in anchor text can I sue single keyword (keyword phrase) or use domain name with keyword..... e.g. ("My Keyword" | "Domain Name")....?
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      This won't give anything away about my own strategy since there are far too many variables to deconstruct my overall SEO business model (niche, tools I use, other secret sauce things non-anchor text related that I do).

      I personally do about 20% raw url, 30% generic anchors (personally selected of course), 30% niche related, 10% slight variation of my main keyword, and 10% main keyword. This has worked well for me but I must say I haven't given anything away because what counts is how you allocate this to the tons and tons of various links types. To index or just to get link crawled? Should links that have lower chance of index be of one anchor text type? Lots and lots to consider huh?
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    There is no magic formula of a % of same anchor text links. If you really need a % then I would say don't use the same anchor text for over 60% of your links. But even that isn't guaranteed.

    Take my advice I gave you in the first post and make a list of loads of anchor texts. Always alternate between those anchor texts and you will do fine unless you're spamming comment links or doing some other kind of bad SEO.

    If your site is about llama rides then you could use 'riding llamas' 'ride a llama' llama riding' 'llama trips' 'llama tours' etc etc

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      Use anchor variation in each and every back links like ratio like : 70:30, 70% variation as using domain name:, Click here, Long Tail Keywords: Share best seo company to your friends . 30% Use LSI Method - Exact Keywords with Variation..

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    Just make sure to have tons of variations for generic anchors, long-tail keywords, and even for raw URLs.

    For the URLs, you can use,,,,,, YourDomain, and many other variations too. This also applies for the inner pages.
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    I just use a mix of long tail and short keyword phrases. about 50% of the anchor text is to the main keyword phrase, the rest is a mix of other similar keyword phrases. I don't link using the domain name.. I am not sure if by doing that it will help? Will love to hear what others have to say on this.
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