Does Google Actually Follow NO-Follow Links Now?

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I was speaking to a friends who says that Google follows a no-follow link but it does not pass and Page Rank (PR - Google Juice) to that link. He said that the equivient PR-juice that would have been passed is removed from the page that is linking from though.

He said that Google will still follow the no-follow and take a peak at it. He said that links on that no-followed destination page are followed though. Eg, Google follows no follow links on pinterest and face book..

What do you know gurus ?
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    Your friend is 100% correct all what really needs to be said. Only because they are no-follow doesn't mean the page on the other end will not be spidered. Links now days need to be a mixture of no-follow and do-follow links to show that you have link diversity. Either way they will go to the website and index it (unless you tell it not to via sitemap, plugins etc...)
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    I also agree with your friend. Google does follow nofollow link but the links should be from good quality website. Not from the websites with loads of spam.
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    Yes. Google definitely follows that link but doesn't pass all the link juice. Also what could help is if your nofollow link is on ahigh PR page i.e. 4 or 5, then your keyword might get some benefit.
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    Google has always been counting nofollow links as well as dofollows, the only reason dofollow links are more valuable is because they pass the linkjuice as well. Remember to always have a good mixture of no- and do-follow links pointing to your site, because a (closely) 100% dofollow link portfolio can be a pretty obvious footprint.
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      nofollow has nothing to do with not crawled or not seen.
      Why people are still mixed up on this is beyond me. They
      don't use it for PageRank, but it may be a trust factor.

      Google has repeatedly owned up to the fact that nofollow
      has been a dismal failure. They have changed some subtle
      things about it.

      They will not index a site based on a nofollow link. It will need
      another link that is seen by google to get indexed. This is one
      more shot to the blog spam. They don't want spammed links,
      nofollow, to get a site indexed.

      nofollow is itself a misnomer.

      Eventually, nofollow will become a nonissue for those that learn.

      There is NO REASON to be actively getting nofollow links to show some
      sort of BS link diversity. That is complete nonsense. Like, um, google
      wants to reward you for spamming your friggin link? Hardly.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Thanks you for you help full replies warriors.

    I love life an everything in it. Don't worry, be happy.

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    NoFollow links from High Page Authority might be work to get reputation in Google eyes but! you can't get link juice
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    A site can request google not to follow links but google still follow links that come from valuable/authority site. For example, if you can manage to get backlink from wikipedia then it can help you much to improve your site to google. This is because google follow links that are valuable.
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