Dropped Domain Redirect - Any successes?

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Hi there I bought a dropped domain last year. It was a PR 5. I consolidated 301'd all pages to the homepage to catch any backlinks to internal pages and put up a wordpress blog with zero content. After one month it dropped to a PR4 and it maintained a PR 4 for 10 months now.

I redirected this PR4 Domain A to another Domain B (PR 2- 6 months old). Domain B dropped from Google for its brand term. I used blog networks for Domain B back in January 2012 so it will have been hit by Google last year.

My question is: has anyone successfully redirected a domain to another domain and received the SEO benefit?
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    No i also tried but no results...!
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      Thanks mate.

      Anyone else tried this tactic?
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    this could be useful - or not - doesnt seem like anyone really has proper conclusions or evidence of it -

    ps, dropped domain isnt great either

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      I am not worried about the doimain B which got screwed but rather what is the correct way to redirect the PR 4 site to help power another site?
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    Can anyone else help with this?
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      The correct way was to not bet on a PR5 domain working as well
      as you did. Domains do not have PR anyway.

      You run a very high risk in purchasing such things, and smart
      people don't do it the way you did.

      301-ing a domain to another one is an iffy proposition at best.
      Someone heard that it worked, told a guy who told another guy,
      and now everyone is an expert on a 301.

      The best thing to have done would be to NOT redirect. But use the
      new domain as a stand alone webpage/site, with content, and backlink
      from it.

      Expired domains, or taken down domains, are a risk.


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