Drop in seach, is it due to unnatural links?

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We have a website which I have been told has had no SEO work done on it - ever. At the end of September/start of October 2012 the site completely dropped out of Google, except for a few keywords with the brand name in.

I have recently done some on page SEO, which has helped very slightly. However, I am concerned about the number and the quality of the backlinks we have. I downloaded our links from SEOMoz, GWT and Hrefs (about 6,500 in total) and of about the 1000 or so links I've check so far only one or two links are natural and come from a decent source. The rest are mostly blog comments which are completely spammed with rubbish!

We have never had an unnatural link warning from Google, But could they still be punishing us? I would just like to know if you think it is going to be possible to recover the site and what methods you would take as I don't think getting a new domain is an option...

Thank you
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    Such keywords dropping are due to that unnatural links.. Just collected such unwanted back links from your website in excel.. Then Use GWMT disavow links, submit your collected excel to google.. Google will stop indexing such unnatural links to website..

    It will change something in your ranking drop..

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    Your best option is probably adding more quality links, not just removing bad ones. This way you'll show Google that your site is really worth it.
    Jacob Sterbenk, JV Manager
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    Thank you for your replies. I will definitely be adding some better quality links to try and get in Googles good books.

    Just a quick question about the disavow tool. Is it safe to use? I have read somewhere that if you haven't received an unatural link warning from Google don't use it....

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      I have not yet heard any success stories using the disavow tool. Hopefully it's working but I'm not sure what positive results people have had so far. I think going out and getting high quality, related links would most likely be your best chance of turning things around.
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    Good topic fellas I'm going to give this a try.
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    Look at your anchor text diversity. Someone unnaturally spamming your website to penalize you will likely target a single keyword or two in an effort to throw off your diversity. Make sure that not all of your backlinks are for your keywords and include anchor texts that are generic like the name of the website, the website URL, the title of your website, etc.

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