Any success with Adsense 300x600?

by yhbae
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I've tried this when it first became available and was not impressed with the return. I ended up switching back to 160x600 on my blog which was generating better eCPM. At that time, the excuse was that Google was still expanding and educating their clients on this new format.

Has this changed since then? Is anyone successfully using this ad format?
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    i found out the famous block aligned to the right is working the best for me....
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      Just to share. Looking @ Jan 2013 numbers, 300x600 has given me 11.4% of all ctr's whereas 336x280 is @ 51.2%. That's just numbers though. What really matters is placement! Impossible to place the 300x600 within post/article/content. This format only lends itself to sidebar which - to me - always has lower ctr.

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        Could never see using it. 300x600 is just too big. Google doesn't want you to fill your site with ads, but that's just what that block does.

        My suggestion: try the 160x600 on the left side, especially if you have horizontal navigation across the top of your site.

        Check top 300 Google SERP results free. tracks and graphs changes for multiple domains/keywords/regions. Also includes advanced keyword density tool.

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    Hi, the problem for me is that I've been kicked out of adsense, but my friend tried it and the problem was too little ads in french so far. So sometimes it would have only one text ad in the whole block, the rest being empty, but sometimes it would fill in with many text ads and occasionally with an image (rare but should happen more often as time goes by)
    And about placing it within article, I don't get the problem. If you can insert a 300x250 with a div float left, why not a 300x600? It's the same width, only taller, so the text will keep on being on the right until it flows under at the end of the 600 pixels..
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    I just added it a few days ago. I think image ads look great, but when it fills with text ads, it just looks terrible in my opinion.
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    I've been testing it on a single page - only 10K impressions so far, but it is getting nearly 100% higher CTR and 52% higher CPM than the next best ad unit on that site.

    I've positioned it so that it doesn't look bad when they don't have enough ads to fill it up (there was only white space there before - it's sitting to the right of a long list).

    This space will be awarded to the first WSO owner who can prove they make Million$ from their methods.

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      I have tested it and here's a full review of 300x600 ad compared to 300x250 including earnings. There is a huge increase in number of clicks, but the CPC has gone down. The good thing is that although CPC has reduced, the total income has almost doubled due to the huge increase in clicks (CTR).

      The bad thing is that the ad can't be made image-only now. Have observed that when text ads come, the entire ad unit doesn't fill up and goes vacant at times. Hope this will improve once new advertisers start using this layout.
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    It's not very good according to me, you should have a really specific (vertical design) to use this...

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    I wanted to test the 300x600 but I would have to overhaul my page layout & really didn't think it would be worth my time. I figure it will take some time before advertisers really start targeting the 300x600 Ad size. Maybe I'll test later on.
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