What do you guys do after creating a keyword targeted page/post

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How do you go about getting low, non competitive page articles/posts ranked?

Do you bookmark them?

Do you actually need to create backlinks to a non competitive long tail keyword targeted post/page?

Im just not really 100% sure, I use optimize press and they have the on page seo stuff you just put in your keywords etc and your on page seo is basically done but do you have to build backlinks afterwards when its low competition?
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    First would be a Google webmasters account and verify your site. Then an analytic account. Same for bing/yahoo.

    Then set up a site map for Google.

    Send your normal choice of traffic to it. The more targeted traffic and back links. The higher you will be in the serps.
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    For immediate traffic use PPC or placing ads . Then drive organic traffic using any method you are comfortable with (or choose one to learn). Choose from forum marketing, free product creation, video marketing, blogging... cheers

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    low, non competitive pages sort of rank themselves...that's the point of them. That's why they call em low hanging fruit ;-)

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    The first few things you can do to drive traffic quickly is to share your posts on your social media pages.

    Other tactics you can implement are guest blogging about your article and blog commenting.
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    I post it on Twitter, Google PLus! If I am in a mood, I'll visit my old friend Ezinarticles and post it there! I'll promote a bit and then move onto the next thing! I have to say, I LOATHE SOCIAL MARKETING but I'll have to dig in a bit more!

    You can't control everything and certainly not your content! If the keyword you picked is good, then something will happen! If not, whatever, what's next! When I started out, I used to WAIT like a child on Xmas day! Ridiculous! Some of the content I had written ( btw, the keyword were not particularly targeted or good) made me some $$$! And, when I thought, I was onto SOMETHING MAJOR...BANG! Nothing but a big bang! So, I have become pragmatic but I do know that I need to improve my mindset on Social media...Ohhhhhhhh...Yawwwwwwwnn...

    Good Luck

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    I think you should promote the post, on main social media sites you use and also make just a few backlinks from other authority sites(ezine articles, guest blogging). Just be sure to not make too many links in a short amount of time, to not get your site penalized.
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    No man! That's the whole point of building sites around non-competitive keywords. If you do your research properly, you don't have to get them ranked, they rank themselves. All I ever do is add a site map, set analytics and webmaster tools up, then use a few ping resources like pingler. The sites should rank themselves if you build them properly.

    Here, I'll use one of my sites for example:

    My domain: "BearGryllsWear.com"

    Keyword: "Bear Grylls Wear"

    Serp: 2nd Result, Google's first page.

    I never did any back linking for the site and it only has five articles. Sure, it only makes about $30-$40 bucks a month, but heck, it only took 2 hours to completely set the site up, and I've never touched since.

    I'm not giving you the above info to talk about me though, just showing you a real life example. Don't waste your time with the back-end stuff. You'll get way more return on your time investment by just adding more original content to a low competition, long-tail-keyword site.
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    Follow a steady link building strategy. This will drive in a lot of traffic to your website. Do article submissions, post blogs, participate in forums, social bookmarking, Doing all these would improve your seo rankings as well
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    Many great ideas here so far.

    When I tend to create a low competition keyword targeting post on a website that hasn't already got enough authority to have it ranked without any additional work is I backlink to it.

    Create natural backlinks from writing related blog posts on other related blogs, share the page to many social media websites, and ensure the backlinks are on dynamic pages with active rss feeds etc. (not necessary but it seems to help).

    This is of course assuming your post and entire website is already set up correctly for onpage SEO with a sitemap, keywords and LSI keywords discreetly scattered within the post if applicable, correct use of heading tag, site aesthetically pleasing, etc.
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