I'm Thinking Of A Nich But Afraid Of Being Banned

by seddek
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hello i found a nice nich that contains the word hacking altough i was thinking of having more of a tech blog and not post cracked software just internet news and some articles blogging tips etc ...
is that possibl to pust the word hacking in the title and description !
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    Guys Please Any Suggestions ?
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    I wouldn't worry unless you're actively promoting hacking and / or software cracking techniques.
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    i told that i won't be in touch with any hacking software or tutorial just internet or maybe tips to protect from hacking
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    You won't have any issues by just selecting a keyword. I'm sure there are quite a few software applications out there that have a target keyword that includes hacking since their software is trying to prevent such.
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    Banned from what?

    If it's Adsense, yea, probably a ban waiting to happen.

    If it's Google SERPs, do whatever.
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    It all depends on what you want to achieve. Because you can walk into a Blackhat forum as I do and give the sort of advice that I give here - totally Whitehat. Just because I understand Blackhat thinking doesn't mean to say that I either approve of it nor that I do it. I have a post about Spam (see below, it might still be up). It gets a lot of visitors what's more.

    And it's all about the sort of thing you want to do. It tells people that there is a better way. Now the people who are visiting your site aren't all going to be hackers. They will have a history that goes back a few hours at least. Google do this through their IP and mail account rather than by using cookies, okay. They will see advertisements that are appropriate to them, not necessarily to hacking.

    In any case, they will see advertisements that Google's algorithm determines will make them the most money. By extension, you make the most money too.

    Go for it!
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