Targeting A Specific Country - Tools And Tricks For Best Marketing Exposure And SEO

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If I am going to target market using a website in a specific country that may be on the other side of the world from where I am and I want to gain the best marketing advantage and SEO in that country what tools and tricks would I need to implement to secure the best advantage in that country?

1. Choose a domain name ending specific to that country?
2. Get my website on a server within that country?
3. Use an I.P. proxy service with an I.P. for that country
when setting up my facebook account and doing tests
for competition within that specific country? This is
so facebook will send traffic and ads to people in that
country I am targeting?
4. Try to get real back links from websites and people
within the country I am targeting?

Anything else you can think of? Thanks for your feedback.
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