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I have read about various automation tools but I have a few very specific questions for actual users.

First, let me paint you a picture on what I will be doing with the tool:

1. Write an unique, medium quality article and post it on a web 2.0 property (blogger, wordpress, tumblr);

2. Promote the web 2.0 property through the tool without spunning it on several quality social media sites, bookmarking sites (mainly for the indexation and some link juice gains). I am trying to replicate the normal behavior of a normal site without automation.

On my main site right now, I write a quality article and upon writing it I use to post it on twitter, facebook. After that I publish the image on pinterest. After, I publish the link on google+ and sometimes linked in. With this alone, in my targeted are I get on 1st, 2nd page for low-medium keywords.

So this is what I am trying to replicate with the automation tool (not overdue anything.


1. I write this sort of article maybe one a week, will running the automation tool without a proxy get me in trouble with my ISP? Or proxy's are needed when you do large campaigns?

2. I have a VPN US account, which on every connection it gives me a new US IP, can I use this tool with it?

3. I don't want to solve capcha's automatically (since I'll be posting to a curated list of sites), can the tool allow me to add them manually when I start the submission?

4. Can I add custom sites? Like forums in my niche (not US, so different languages)

5. Has the tool the capability to create facebook, twitter, pinterest accounts (talking about major sites) or does it create accounts for smaller networks only?

6. Can the page, after a campaign (just with dofollow links from the tool's list) achieve PR 1?

EDIT: forgot the 7th q, the most imp? Which tool do you think can achieve all this? What are your thoughts on SErobot?

Ty very much, hope someone answers and sorry for the large number of q.
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    Bump. Maybe I'll get an answer.
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      Another bump Hope I can find someone who actually uses this tools and can share specific info.
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    you have to list your tool in order to get a more complete answer.

    seolinkrobot, ppl feel burned by the program for lack of updates and generally is on the lower tier of "good" tools.
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